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  • Our Planet and Environment
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From the ground all the way up to space, Earth science is the branch of science that teaches kids to love our planet and all the lifeforms in it! Give your child a new appreciation for the Earth, while increasing early science knowledge using this thought-provoking collection of Earth environmental worksheets!

Earth Science Worksheets for a Cleaner World

It’s important that kids learn environmental science early in the elementary years to help kids to make wise choices when it comes to the environment. Kids Academy is proud to bring you worksheets that will teach and reinforce the basics of the following important topics:

  • Recycling
  • Air pollution
  • Endangered species

Introducing these concepts early help your child understand their role as Earth’s citizens. 

In addition to environmental science worksheets, this selection of worksheets will also offer your child worksheets that cover:

  • Landforms
  • The seven continents
  • Natural resources
  • Wind formation
  • Types of clouds

Since our worksheets cover so much, we’re confident that you’ll find worksheets to spark your child’s motivation to learn more about the planet!

Check out this intriguing collection of earth science worksheets to select the activities perfect for your child’s early learning adventures!