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Back to School After the Winter Break

Jan. 6, 2022

Dear Reader, we're happy to see you here stepping into 2022 together with Kids Academy and we wish you and your children a fruitful and gracious year full of heart-warming and positively exciting moments!

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Are your kid and you ready for the second half of the academic year? Some students might be eager to dive into the learning process again, see their friends and favorite teachers. Others would feel a bit slow and reluctant after the freedom and leisure of the holiday time. Both moods are totally fine, since we're all different. The important thing is to listen to your child, help them be happy and comfortable with the school and support their endeavors.

 Below you can find three collections of articles that can help you address or shed a new light on different aspects of a child's upbringing and education and streamline your young student's return to classroom.

 Activities and Ideas for Science Enthusiasts

There's no better way to introduce children to the world of science than through real-life experience. Students get fascinated and excited when they see how knowledge of chemical and physical laws gives one the power to do things akin to magic. Check our articles and videos featuring safe and amusing experiments with baking soda and properties of matter and bring science to life.



Scientific thinking also means an honest and responsible gaze at the world around us and the processes that are happening in it. The future of our beautiful planet belongs to our children, and it's never too early to start teaching them about the importance of careful and conscious behavior when it comes to environment. Read about the ways to raise a child's ecological awareness in our special article and find topic-related activities inside.

 Language and Reading Insights

Reading and writing skills lay the groundwork of a child's academic development. However, it is perfectly okay for a student to learn how to write and decipher written texts at their own pace. If your child is making their first steps in writing and you want to offer them a helping hand, you may find this article on developing a child's foundational spelling abilities quite timely. If they are already confident with their writing skills, visit this overview of advanced writing activities available on our learning app. For those who can already read and who are prepared to take their proficiency to a new level we have an article covering Kids Academy reading comprehension activities for different grade levels.

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Social-Emotional Development

Most toddlers burst with vitality. Sometimes, however, the abundance of energy going out of hand and the inability to control it may require a special approach. Read our articles on ways to deal with hyperactivity in children and helpful tips for parents of super-active kids.

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Feeling relaxed and confident is a key to a child's successful development, and routines play a crucial role in it. In our article on routines in everyday life, we explain how they work and show ways get your kid used to them.

 Stay tuned as we're busy preparing more helpful materials for you.

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