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Labor Day Worksheets Collection

Aug. 31, 2023

Labor Day became an official federal holiday in 1894. Historically, we celebrate it to honor the achievements of the Labor Movement of the 19th century in defending the rights of workers and improving their working conditions. Labor Day reminds us to recognize and value the contribution of each and everyone who’s working for the good of the society and our country. 

This is a great time to talk to your kids about the value and importance of labor, choosing a future profession and paying respect to all the hard working women and men they meet every day. Kids Academy has made small activity collections for kids of different ages from preschool to grade 3 to celebrate this beautiful holiday by learning and answering questions about different jobs, completing community-helpers-themed math tasks and coloring some fun characters.


Does your toddler already know what tools doctors and firefighters use in their work? Will they be able to recognize the hats that different community helpers wear? Let’s find out! Download and print out the worksheets below to check your kids’ knowledge. Use the last one, the Little Chef coloring page, as a fun reward activity.

fireman doctor learn community helpers printable coloring page little chef

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Can one see a teacher performing in the circus? Is a construction person’s job riding through prairies on a horse? These silly worksheets will help your kindergartener recap what they already know about these professions. Kids are also invited to practice their takeaway skills in the company of community helpers. And the special treat is the coloring by numbers page where a bus driver is hiding – color the page to reveal the picture!

community helpers teachers community helpers construction workers community helpers 1 less wheels on the bus coloring by numbers

Grade 1

Use the first worksheet to discuss the importance of jobs that provide safety and protection to the citizens. You can ask your first grader what qualities one needs to become a police officer or a firefighter. The second worksheet will provide you with some reading comprehension practice related to the work of a dentist, and the third one will challenge kids to do some farm math. The Astronomer Coloring Page is a great opportunity to tell children more about this fascinating profession!

community safety dentist adding up astronomer coloring page

Grade 2

The first worksheet offers second graders a little quiz on the nature of different jobs, while in the second one they’ll be challenged to find different words related to farm work. Once kids are done skip counting in the cheerful company of diverse community helpers, they can have their fun coloring the astronaut! Can they explain what is happening in that page and name the machines it shows? Print the page to check their knowledge!

services nouns farm community helpers 1 moon landing coloring page

1328186 web 1 1

Grade 3

Third graders are offered a reading comprehension page about the president’s job and a geometry worksheet where they will help a team of janitors who have to clean the city from all the shapes with parallel sides. We have also prepared two special worksheets that will familiarize students with the exciting profession of an archaeologist.

president of the usa job help clean parallel city what archaeology archaelogy coloring page

You can find more engaging worksheets on all kinds of educational topics on our website.

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