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What’s New on the Blog This Week - September 13

Sept. 13, 2021

This week has been a blast here at Kids Academy. We recently came up with some of the best articles our company has to offer for all those delightful readers out there. We give you the freshest news, all-inclusive insights, and sharp-witted tips on all your parenting endeavors. Check out these latest releases that we have in store for you this week.

The Power of Reading

Encouraging your child to read is not just about helping him or her get acquainted with words, sounds, and the language itself. It is also about refining their cognitive and language skills while boosting their academic competencies at the same time. Time and again, studies and researches have pointed out a direct relation between a child’s love and habit in reading to his/her academic success. On top of that, readers enjoy a stronger bond with loved ones as they get to improve their concentration, imagination, and creativity. We’ll give you and your kid a great head start through these amazing book suggestions!

Optimizing At-Home Learning Environment

Creating a conducive space for a child’s learning has always been a tricky challenge for a lot of parents. As governments eye another year of lockdown on education, improving your child’s learning space in the safety of your own home has never been more imperative. We are more than aware that a lot of parents out there could use some tips and pointers in making their homes the key player in boosting their child’s overall development. And so, here’s our takeaway for you to get it rolling!


The Big No-Nos in Teaching Your Kid to Read

Reading offers a lot of benefits to children especially in their language and emotional development needs. This macro skill is fundamental in helping children achieve academic success later on. This learning exercise also presents a great opportunity for parents to spend some nice quality time with their children. As much as we understand your eagerness in teaching your child to read, we’d strongly recommend taking a quick look at our list of things parents should avoid.

Their Big Feelings and Coping Skills

Children get easily overwhelmed by stressful elements in their direct environment. Fear, anger, and frustration kick in to fuel children’s big feelings that can easily spiral out of control. If left unchecked, these kids eventually become highly emotional making it harder for them to manage their emotions in future situations. Hence, it is imperative for parents to train their children with coping skills and refine their emotional intelligence. Help your child become emotionally and mentally prepared in dealing with hard situations through this article.

One, Two, Tie My Shoe!

Mathematics has always been a fun and amazing subject. More importantly, knowing the numbers, their underlying concepts, and math vocabulary in kindergarten can help your child boost his/her vital life skills. Preschool math opens up to an entirely new world of appreciating shapes, developing spatial awareness, and problem-solving. And we’re here to give you fun and engaging ways of teaching your kid some crucial math skills and to love his/her numbers.

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