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Preschool and Kindergarten Counting Activities

Sept. 9, 2021

Math has a reputation for being notoriously difficult, even for the youngest of learners! Kids Academy knows just how important it is for preschoolers and kindergartners to have the very best start in mathematics to help boost your child’s academic success as well as to cultivate a healthy love for learning.

To help parents get their hands on the highest-quality learning resources, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with our preschool and kindergarten counting activities and early math lessons in a variety of different ways. Not only can you find our worksheets on the websites, but parents and their kids now have options in how to complete them with the flexibility to complete entire lessons in the way that works best for them! Kids Academy learning resources will help you to prepare your preschooler for Common Core math!

Worksheets Completed Your Way

Learning to count is a foundational skill that builds your child’s number sense and prepares them for learning all mathematical concepts to come! Our age-appropriate worksheets offer preschoolers and kindergarteners cheerful illustrations and clear directions that help them build critical counting and mental math skills that will help them as they progress through their lessons.

We share examples of counting worksheets for Pre-K (They are all clickable! You may click on them and get started passing through!):

turl1 turl2 turl3

 For example, a worksheet such as this one tasks children with recognizing the number of flowers presented to them in groups. This skill is called subitizing, and it is fundamental in developing a child’s number sense. With repeated practice, such as through the completion of our worksheets, kids can master these basic skills to form a solid foundation for math.


 Take a glance at our counting worksheets for grade K!

count1 count2 count3

Let your grade-K learner study numbers together with Kids Academy! To get started, parents can access our worksheets in a variety of ways:

  • Print them directly from our website for hands-on practice
  • Complete them on-screen in the Talented and Gifted or Interactive Worksheets apps
  • Complete them digitally and interactively via our website using your browser

Simply choose the method that works best for you and your child and be rest assured that you have the highest quality math materials at your fingertips for everyday practice.

 Lessons, Videos, and Games to Supplement and Support Learning

 In addition to worksheets, Kids Academy also offers a comprehensive library of learning videos that complement our worksheets and assist in teaching your child early counting and mathematics skills. These videos feature teacher-led lessons and exciting songs and nursery rhymes that kids will love to use while practicing counting!

Not only are the videos motivating and enjoyable, but videos relate directly to the worksheets available on our app and the website and are crucial to the delivery of the concept being taught.

 Enjoy watching Chloe inviting your kids to count her little chickens from 1 to 5!


 Like our worksheets, our videos can be accessed in a couple of different ways:

  •  View them straight from our website before offering kids practice on worksheets
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to find preschool literacy videos and so much more!

 In addition to learning videos, kids can also play interactive games through our website, too! Previously only available in our paid subscription apps, some games are now available to play for free right in the browser on your computer! These games give your little learner valuable interactive practice tracing and counting numbers. Play on-screen using a mouse or on a touch screen tablet or laptop. Use them to reinforce counting and early numeracy skills in addition to the worksheets provided in each lesson.

tracing ten gif


Speaking of lessons, the best part of our math resources is the fact that we have already done all the hard work for you in figuring out which to use and when! To help parents make the most of their experience on our website, we have reorganized content to allow users multiple ways to access content to ensure that kids get what they need when they need it!

 Now all learning material is bundled into a new Lessons tab, which makes it easier for you to find the resources your child needs. Simply navigate to the lessons tab and view the topics to find one that your child needs to learn. Then click on it to find a complete lesson that may include an educational video, teacher-led tutorial, and one or more related worksheets to offer practice over the selected concept or skill.

 Use these lessons to create an individualized learning plan or curriculum for your child, and to follow a self-selected progression to ensure that your child’s skills are growing. Since the Lessons section offers all our materials packaged together, consider them complete lessons on that topic or skill!

 Now that you know everything about how to access the best counting activities for your preschooler, what are waiting for? Check out our lessons, videos, and worksheets all available through our website at to get your child started today!

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