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We are glad to welcome you at our Kids Academy and ready to help you either get started or continue discovering the wonderful and magic world of kindergarten math worksheets together with your little learners. With the help of our free printables your kids are likely to get involved  and enjoy learning math easily and successfully.

Here you will find a nice collection of professionally compiled and easily used materials for kindergarten which will enable your kids to develop their skills and go ahead in their educational process.

What you should know about our materials:

  •         all of them can be easily downloaded and printed out;
  •         bright and catchy pictures help  your little learners to remember the information effortlessly;
  •        easy instructions can be followed both by teachers and parents, so you will not experience any problems explaining the tasks to the kids;
  •        we update the collections on a regular basis, so you will always find some new useful activities  for your little learners at our web site.

Why don’t you try our set on Learning Numbers where kids learn or revise the numbers as well as their spelling? Colorful pictures will make the boring process of learning numbers fascinating and exciting. Kindergarten kids greatly enjoy these activities, which not only let them gain confidence in dealing with numbers, but also develop their motor and cognitive skills.

The set of Addition and Subtraction  worksheets focuses on your kids’ understanding of the idea of addition and subtraction. Clear and vivid pictures let your little learners concentrate on the method rather than numbers themselves.  Ask your kids to count funny objects or do the mazes that kids are easily fascinated by, and you will be surprised how easily and quickly your little kids grasp the idea of these important skills.

If your kids are ready to talk about the money, the set on Counting Money is ready and easy to use. It will not only introduce your kids to different names of coins, but also give them a clear understanding of the value of it. Little learners can have some more practice on counting money and addition. These activities also develop your kids’ problem solving skills. 

We are happy to share with you our collection of math worksheets for kindergarten on Measuring. Here you will find a range of activities for kindergarteners.  Kids will enjoy practice activities on measuring length, capacity and weight. Don’t forget about The Gallon Man – your kids are sure to have great fun!

When it’s time to talk about the time just go to our sequencing pages on Time. We offer some practice both with digital and analog clocks. In no time your little learners will be able to talk about the time!

We are also happy to share with you a whole bunch of other useful and fascinating activities for your kids. Let’s make the process of studying and learning fascinating and gripping.