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5 Fun At-Home Activities for Gifted Kids

June 14, 2018

Gifted kids are incredible. Their minds teem with creative ideas and the motivation to complete challenging tasks, but sometimes gifted kids can become bored and aloof when they don’t have anything to do. When it comes to giftedness, the name of the game is selecting creative, stimulating, and challenging activities to keep busy minds interested while extending their natural curiosity for learning. 

If you’re looking for intriguing at-home activities perfect for stimulating gifted minds, let’s explore some interesting ideas to keep creative kids busy and learning! 

Children draw

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram puzzles are an important tool in any teacher’s classroom, but can also be used at home to challenge young minds! Tangrams are puzzles made from different shapes and are turned and organized to create a picture.



Tangram puzzles can easily be purchased in sets online, and challenge kids to think creatively to solve each puzzle. Better yet, tangram puzzles help develop your little learner’s visual spatial skills, while allowing them to practice strategy and logical thinking skills! 

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Create an Invention Box 

Gifted kids thrive in activities that allow them to use their expansive capacity for creativity! Help your child create an “invention box”, which is a box packed with fun supplies that can be made into anything your child’s mind can imagine!

Fill the invention box with supplies like yarn, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom pom or cotton balls, large beads, popsicle sticks, and any other crafts you or your child loves! During play, encourage your child to use their creativity to “invent” or build something using the supplies in the box. Both you and your child will be amazed at what your child can create! 

Strategy Board Games

Board games aren’t created equally. Some games are great for family engagement, but don’t do much to allow for critical thinking. But some games challenge minds, both young and old! Here are some of the most well-known strategy board games: 

  • Quirkle is a game that task players with observing shapes and colors and arranging game pieces in a pattern.
  • Blokus gives the players rules for placing game pieces on the board, while players strategize how they can place their blocks while still following those rules.
  • Sequence also requires players to use strategy to complete the winning amount of sequences on the game board. All games mentioned above require the player to utilize logical reasoning and creative skills to play, making these games the best choices for challenging gifted minds! 

Window Pane Sudoku 

Gifted kids love puzzles, so why not introduce your early learner to puzzles well-loved by people across the globe? A simple search online will give you the best Sudoku puzzles for kids ages 4-8! But let’s not stop there; let’s make your child’s first game of Sudoku even more exciting by playing in a fun and interactive way! Pick up a pack of washable window crayons and draw your child’s Sudoku puzzle on a large window in your home! 

That way your child can complete the puzzle throughout the week, keeping him or her challenged for days on end! When completed, simply wash it off and start a new one. Get the whole family in on the fun by completing a new puzzle every week! 

Create a Stop Motion Animation Video

Wonderful for kids who love technology and want to make their own, help your gifted child create a stop motion animation video!

  • Сreate a stop motion animation studio space where you and your child plan to film the video.
  • Challenge your child to create a script.
  • Find their favorite objects, dolls, or toys to star in the film.

Using a stop motion animation app widely available on both Google Play and the App Store, help your child to film their video and view the results! Best yet, creating a stop motion animation video is a process; your child can find enjoyment and stimulation every step of the way, from planning the script, building the studio, to the final production of the video! Who knows, your child might create the next big Youtube Kids video! 

Use the above ideas to challenge your gifted child, and don’t forget—when you’re busy planning your child’s next big project, quality Kids Academy resources, like  homeschooling worksheets for kindergarten, or apps for gifted and talented kids, are ready and waiting to take your child’s learning to the next level! 

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