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Check Out Our Collection of Word Problem Worksheets and Videos!

June 12, 2024

It’s no secret that word problems are notoriously challenging for early learners. They’re so tough because solving them takes reading comprehension and mathematical skills, both of which are still new to kids in the first few years of their schooling. However, teaching word problems from a young age is incredibly important for fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills while allowing children to understand how math applies to real-life situations. 

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Consider your child’s current reading and mathematical level to provide them with a challenge without overwhelming them. Grade level usually gives you a good idea of what a student should know. In general, the earliest learners first master counting, then learn simple addition and subtraction problems in preschool and kindergarten and after that move on to multi-step as well as  multi-digit problems in grades 1 and 2, and later on to multiplication and division problems in grade 3. Alongside these foundational skills, they also learn about money, time, measurement, and data analysis at different levels of complexity.

Kids Academy offers a large library of word problem worksheets for learners at every level! Let’s look at some of the best worksheets for each of the topics named above. We’ll also suggest some teacher-led videos that will help students master the solving strategies.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Kindergarteners learn to count and then progress to learning simple addition and subtraction, with addition being the easier of the two concepts to master. Younger learners also benefit from visuals that help them understand numeracy, like number lines and images they can count. In the worksheets below, vibrant illustrations are provided to aid in a student’s understanding. For those who struggle with reading, any of the worksheets shown can be completed online on KA website or in KA Classroom, accompanied by professional voice over. 

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image4 image 3   image 4

In this video, teacher Michael explains how to solve both addition and subtraction word problems using simple drawings:

Multi-Step Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Multi-step word problems ask learners to complete more steps in solving the problem. For advanced learners, this could mean having to use multiple operations in one problem, but before advancing to a problem so complex, kids start with 2-step problems. These will task students with completing one additional step within the same operation. 

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image 5 image 6 image 7

In this video, teacher Amanda will take kids through the process of solving tricky two-step addition and subtraction frog problems: 

Advanced Addition and Subtraction Problems for Grades 1 and 2

As learners progress to understanding place value and workin with greater numbers, they move on to solving more complex problems, including multi-digit addition and subtraction problems, and those with multiple subtrahends, like shown in the Garage Sale worksheet below.

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image 8 image 9 image 10

Use this video to demonstrate to your students how to solve the first worksheet:

Multiplication and Division Word Problems for Third Graders

The third grade is a common year for kids to learn multiplication and division. These concepts are more complex and require learners to think differently than they do for simple addition and subtraction. Because of the jump in complexity, word problems are essential since they help little mathematicians visualize the numbers. For example, in the Rainforest Animal Division worksheet below, children can easily imagine how many toucans should be in each tree using the corresponding pictures.

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image 11 image 12 image 13

Here teacher Michael makes division problems look like a piece of cake (pun intended!)

Multi-step Multiplication and Division Problems

This kind of problems often mix multiplication and division with addition and subtraction. Students need to already be fluent with their multiplication and division facts to take problem solving to the next level where they can resolve complex real life situations applying their newly acquired skills.

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image 14 image 15

Learn how to solve two-step multiplication and division word problems with the simple explanations in this video lesson!

Time, Measurement, Money, and Data Analysis Worksheets

Kids Academy also offers a variety of word problem worksheets that focus on subtopics such as money, measurement, time, and graphing – teaching children how to apply their calculation skills in a very practical way by modeling and solving everyday tasks. Each of the worksheets also require students to utilize foundational skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. 

Click on the worksheet to complete it online or download a PDF!

image 16 image 18 image 19

image 20 image 21

In this video, teacher Amanda will explain how to solve time word problems for Grade 1:

Every word problem worksheet can be added to Classroom, an innovative tool that allows teachers and parents to host a digital classroom with assigned lessons that can be completed with progress monitoring reports available for instructors. Simply click the “Assign to the Classroom” button under the worksheet or open the Kids Academy Classroom page to get started building your own custom lesson. 


All our word problem worksheets can be both completed online and downloaded as printable PDFs. They feature relatable, vivid illustrations that children love, and can be printed or completed online with professionally voiced instructions, and instant feedback with AI scoring. 

To find more word problem worksheets, head over to The only thing you have to do is choose how your child will complete them: by hand, online, or in Classroom! Good luck!

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