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by Julie Sheard (Educator and Specialized Instructional Assistant)
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How to Organize Quality Screen Time for an Elementary School Child?

Nov. 3, 2021

Technology has infiltrated almost every layer of our lives, and our kids are reaping the benefits of access to the newest technology, including instant connection to various types of knowledge, differentiation of instruction, and social learning platforms. While many can agree screen type devices offer positive learning opportunities, parents are left to navigate how much screen time is appropriate for growing children from the ages of 2-10. Risk of lack of physical activity, developing language delays, symptoms of ADHD and sleep disruption can arise if screen time boundaries are not established.

boy is using a tablet

So, how much time is appropriate?  The Mayo Clinic and the AACAP recommend 1 hour of educational screen time a day for those under 5 years old. When it comes to older children, accommodate their time, and establish boundaries as needed to encourage learning activities and supplementing homework skills with well-developed programs and tech-based learning.

Get all family members together and establish what’s called a family media plan.  This plan denotes specific rules and timelines around each of your children’s screen time, which may vary based on age. Rules should describe when and where screen time is allowed, permission for downloading new apps, and exactly how much time is allowed. Make sure you are present for screen time, set up parental controls, and encourage learning games, apps, and programs.  This also includes focusing on healthy screen habits, such as turning screens off an hour before bedtime or designating a “tech-free” day once a week.

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When used correctly, screen time may undoubtedly benefit your child's development and learning experience and can be an excellent tool for learning and growth. Recent research indicates that learning can be enhanced via the use of games and other play-based activities.  As a result, the learning process can change from one of difficulty and frustration to reaching new heights of curiosity and facilitating acquisition. Well-developed educational programming should have interactive narrative elements for your youngster to enjoy.

You can utilize appropriate content through several platforms (YouTube Kids, tablet games, digital worksheet platforms, learning apps) but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. Learning software should spark interest, challenge your child’s academic abilities, and make learning fun! Look no further than our collection of educational fun kids learning apps and activities for 2-10 years. We make it easy to find an appropriate preschool app that provides fun and varied learning opportunities for your young explorer.

There is a wide range of educational games and apps available that can teach your child while also entertaining them.  Allow us to introduce you to Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted, our newest kids learning app.

talented and gifted app

  • This educational software was created by our team of early childhood and educational experts to provide a high-quality learning resource for families to share the process. Our central intent was to develop a comprehensive program that would appeal to parents and children alike and be easy to understand, while also creating a healthy balance between learning and playing. Specifically geared toward ages 2-10 and grades Pre-K through 3rd, using fun, interactive strategies to practice alphabet skills, vocabulary, and tracing activities, our app will help your child fall in love with learning.

tracing sights word dog worksheet structure of the earth worksheet what makes a good citizen worksheet

Click on the worksheet and complete it online!

  • Through engaging visuals and animations, your children will remain focused and motivated, while developing a passion for reading, writing, and related academic topics. It's no secret that playing video games helps with hand-eye coordination. Why not exercise your child’s academic skills at the same time? Improve your child's ability to read and write, as well as their understanding of numbers, all while having fun!

ufo game

  • Our Talented and Gifted app provides a paced, step-by-step learning pathway that allows children to build early skills by progressing from fundamental subjects to more advanced skills. Our Pre-K curriculum aligns with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and our K-3 programming is based on the Common Core Standards. We cover a wide range of subjects including math, English Language Arts, reading comprehension, social studies, science, and arts and crafts.

science worksheets

  • Over 4,000 educational games, learning videos, interactive printables and kids learning worksheets are available on our site, all created by early education experts. As children progress along the Learning Path, the difficulty of the activities increases along with direct feedback, tailored video tutorials, quizzes, and teacher/parent modes to assess progress.
    penguin game
  • We have recently upgraded our app to integrate our most exciting fundamental feature yet – a token economy system called Dress up Eddie! This new element is built into a new virtual space and allows your child to earn and collect stars by completing activities within their learning journey. While motivation is a central component of Dress Up Eddie, this innovative reward system is embedded with opportunities for your child to flex important developmental skills, such as delayed gratification, sense of autonomy, creativity, and imagination development. Children will enjoy customizing Eddie’s outfit all while learning math concepts (collecting, saving, and spending) and literacy growth (vocabulary and creativity).

elephant kids game

Organizing quality screen time for your child shouldn’t be complicated.  Come play, learn, and connect at Kids Academy, and we will provide all you and your child need for the ultimate experience in educational learning.  Invest in your child’s academic development today by subscribing to the 30-days free trial of the Talented and Gifted educational app. 

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Julie Sheard - Educator and Specialized Instructional Assistant.
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