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Introducing 'Dress Up Eddie' - a New Feature of Kids Academy App

March 18, 2021

Eddie the Elephant is here to play, and is ready to see what exciting new outfits your kids pick out for him using an innovative reward system.

How it Works

Before, kids worked through their learning plan completing lessons and playing games along the way. While our lessons have always been optimized for having fun while learning, 'Dress Up Eddie' brings a new element to the process that introduces a token economy that rewards kids for successful completion of the activities in the app.

Now kids can earn and collect stars that can be stored and spent in a virtual store to buy outfits for Eddie. Not only is this an intriguing new source of motivation and engagement, but it also teaches children crucial skills, such as the concept of earning and spending money.

What’s Included

So, what’s different? Here’s what to expect:

  • Gamified lessons. Children will now earn points for completing tasks, which turns learning into a game. This increases engagement and motivation, as kids will want to keep earning points to purchase more items for Eddie.

  • Innovative reward system. The game aims to reward children with stars that they can spend as they continue to earn more. This gives children a new sense of autonomy, while teaching them that their hard work pays off… literally!

  • New virtual space to explore and design. Learners will love going to the shop to dress Eddie in designs of their choosing, based upon the number of stars they have to spend. Here, kids have a space where they can be free to make creative design decisions apart from the usual process of their learning pathway.

Skills Covered

'Dress Up Eddie' isn’t just about keeping kids motivated. It is meant to help kids develop and strengthen the following important skills:

  • The concept of delayed gratification. Hard work reaps benefits, which is an essential lesson that kids must learn. Eddie the Elephant will help little learners master the concept of delayed gratification by collecting, saving, and spending stars to earn the rewards of their choosing.

  • Important decision-making skills. Kids don’t always get a say in their learning. Eddie helps to change that by offering children the autonomy to practice making decisions on their own. This helps children develop reasoning skills as they think about what to purchase, and how many stars are needed to earn what they want.

  • Developing imagination and creativity. During the design process, learners will flex their imaginations by outfitting Eddie in whatever they like and can afford! This allows kids to utilize their creativity to mix and match outfits to their liking.

  • Math and vocabulary skills. Eddie’s clothing introduces new vocabulary while the concept teaches children about saving and spending money wisely. Since kids must keep in mind the number of stars they have and are needed to purchase what they want, they practice basic numeracy skills, such as counting and basic mental addition and subtraction.

At Kids Academy, we’re always working hard to offer your kids the very best learning resources available. We’re confident that a new gamified element will make learning even more exciting and rewarding for your child!

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