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Reinforcing Subtraction Word Problems with Online Tools by Kids Academy

May 28, 2024

Ask any second grader about the hardest part of math, and most are likely to say word problems. Word problems are tough because so many things can go wrong when trying to solve them. Children who already struggle to read will find this type of math problem extra challenging. Even those who excel in reading might find math phrases and concepts tricky. Many students lack the focus to connect all these skills together, from reading them to figuring out which operation to use before finally following through to solve it. Add a notoriously tough math concept like subtraction, and one can see why these problems are so daunting!

Kids Academy is constantly striving to bring teachers and families new, innovative ways to make teaching and learning easier and more efficient. Two possible solutions include Kids Academy Classroom and Talented and Gifted Online, both of which are digital tools to reinforce learning and skills practice. 

Practice Subtraction Word Problems with Kids Academy Classroom

Teachers and parents can think of Classroom as an exciting online space to host interactive lessons and exercises. Users can choose complete ready-made lessons or create custom lessons that are shared with students on their devices via a code. Either by clicking on the “Assign to Classroom” button on a resource on the site or by starting a classroom and browsing the library at, instructors can easily add assignments to share with children. 

image of a lesson

As an example, let’s say that a teacher wants to assign this ready-made lesson on 1-step subtraction problems. This ready-made lesson contains a variety of activities, including the teaching piece, which consists of a teacher-led tutorial. To start, simply press the “Assign to Classroom” button to open the online space. An estimated time for completion is displayed, which can be used for planning purposes. You’ll also be offered two easy options of sharing the Classroom with your students – either via a direct link or via a code. This article provides a detailed guide to working with the Classroom.

To get a better idea of how this subtraction lesson would look in practice, let’s take a closer look at the activities: 

Activities 1 and 2: Teacher-led video with accompanying Halloween word problems

As we know, subtraction word problems are tricky, and kids often get frustrated trying to figure out trying to piece together what the problem wants them to do and to complete the math itself. The first activity is a video taught by a real instructor to demonstrate how to solve a sample 1-step subtraction problem. In it, Teacher Mike reads through the problem, reinforcing math phrases that signal which operation to use before walking viewers through the subtraction problem and how to complete it. This is great for parents who want to use this at home, or for teachers as another way to review the concept. 

Image of Halloween Word Problems Worksheet

As for the worksheet used in the video, this Halloween Word Problems exercise offers up two word problems that engages children with a fun theme that helps them practice 2-digit subtraction. Students learn even more through writing by hand, and this worksheet can easily be printed for kids to work on while watching the lesson in Classroom. Alternatively, they can simply watch the teacher model the problems, and try them out on their own in Activity 2. 

Activity 3: Pirate Subtraction

Once they watch the lesson video and complete the worksheet in activity 2, children may need some extra practice completing subtraction problems without the narrative. This Pirate Subtraction activity reinforces this skill by offering pictures of cute, pirate-themed objects. This exercise allows learners to deepen their understanding of subtraction before attempting a more challenging word problem on their own. 

Image of the Pirate Subtraction Worksheet

Activity 4: Reggie’s Reuse Word Problems

The next activity in the lesson is this charming subtraction word problem worksheet that combines math practice with an important science concept: reusing items such as plastic bottles! This problem is a bit different from the one shown in the lesson video as it requires students to demonstrate their thinking by choosing the equation they will use to solve the problem before finding the solution. This is a broken-down version of the word problems from the Halloween Subtraction sheet as it reinforces the steps children must take to solve the problem. 

Image of the Reggie's Reuse Word Problems: Subtraction worksheet

Activity 5: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Quiz

Finally, it’s time to see if learners mastered the concept presented in the lesson! The last activity is a quiz to gauge learning and mastery, but it doesn’t only include subtraction word problems. This quiz also assesses addition because otherwise it would be difficult to measure whether students truly understand the math phrases that signal which operation to use. It can also help identify any areas that learners need to review whether it is addition or subtraction.

Image of an Addition and Subtraction quiz card

Reports, which are generated after each quiz, will tell instructor users what they need to know for future lesson planning. 

Or Let Kids Learn Independently with Talented & Gifted Online

While Classroom is an excellent choice for guided learning, Talented and Gifted Online is best suited for a child to work independently. Whether teachers or parents are seeking to increase independence, or for students who already work well on their own, TG Online is an online version of the Talented and Gifted app, with all content available through a web browser. This app provides users with a learning path that walks them through lessons that also include videos, interactive worksheets, quizzes, and even games. 

T&G Online is the best choice when kids have quiet time to recap and practice different topics. Students receive feedback in the app and can work on various subjects from across the curriculum. 

Join Talented & Gifted Online now and get 1 month of FREE learning!

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Both Classroom and TG Online are amazing resources meant to support children in different, yet important ways! Get started today by trying Talented and Gifted Online to preview a wide assortment of lessons and activities that can also be found in Classroom. 

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