Math Lesson - 1 Step Subtraction Word Problems - Using Drawings to Write Equations, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Halloween Word Problems Printable


    Word problems don’t have to be boring! Stir up some fun with spooky witches and ghastly ghosts as your child completes halloween word problems for 2nd grade!
    Your child will be ready and waiting for halloween after solving these ghoulishly fun subtraction word problems from Kids Academy!

  • Activity 2 / Pirate Subtraction Substraction Worksheet


    Ahoy, matey! Let’s learn to subtract the pirate way, with this fun-filled math worksheet: pirate subtraction!
    Featuring delightful ships and treasure chests, colorful illustrations provide your little learner with the visuals needed to practice math using a useful strategy and a fun theme!

  • Activity 3 / Reggie's Reuse Word Problems: Subtraction Worksheet


    Kids love to help their friends be better stewards of the earth and the earth's resources and with this charming PDF, your child will help their pal Reggie solve subtraction word problems to figure out how many plastic bottles he has and can reuse. With one-to-one number representation, your child will use the pictures to solve the problem and choose the possible appropriate matching number equations and solutions.