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Reading is one of the fundamental skills that a kid needs to learn. At the same time it is one of the most difficult skills to be taught and to be learned. Any kid starts learning how to read long before he or she is able to decode the printed letters into words, sentences and stories. It all starts with listening to their parents and teachers reading to kids aloud. Listening to a good reading model is crucially important for little kids as it forms not only pure interest in reading, but it also helps to develop imaginative and creative skills.

Reading aloud to kids in class and at home is always beneficial for little learners. At any possibility try to get your kids involved into the story:

·        introduce the title of the story:

·        let them guess what the story is about before you start reading;

·        show and discuss the pictures with your kids;

·        stop at some place and try to predict what will happen next;

·        let your kids  create the ending of the story themselves;

·        come back to the same story some time later, and let them rediscover the story

All the above mentioned strategies will not only get your kids fascinated by reading, but also will reinforce their vocabulary, improve their memory and develop imagination.

When kindergarteners have learned The ABC, it’s time to introduce them to phonics and phonemic awareness. These are the most important elements for developing reading skills. Day by day kids will learn how to associate different letters and their combinations with sounds. It is a never stopping process which is to take place on a regular basis. It is better to start with pictures showing everyday objects, animals and things kids love and enjoy. Accompany the pictures with the words and let your learners remember how the words are written. 

At some stage you can start removing the pictures and let your kids recognize the word. You will be surprised how quickly and easily your kids can start reading their first words. Little learners will be eager to learn more and more as they will get the feeling of achieving so be ready to introduce them to new words and stories.

Kids Academy is ready to share with you some of the most powerful tools that help your kids to start reading in no time. Though game and entertainment your kids are introduced to the basics of reading skills. Download and print out our free reading worksheets to let little learners enter this very challenging yet fascinating path leading to new discoveries. Kids Academy offers you a set of reading comprehension worksheets on rhyming different words. In the activities kids are asked to follow the route in the maze to find the words that rhyme.

Learning how words can rhyme will benefit your kids’ development and assist in literacy awareness. Rhyming is one of the most essential skills that a little learner should absorb. It will significantly help kids grasp the idea of how letters, words and sounds are correlated. Activities on rhyming will doubtlessly improve their vocabulary and positively effect on further educational process.

 Kindergarteners are sure to enjoy the reading worksheets. These activities also contribute to little learners’ development:

·        all kids enjoy rhyming greatly;

·        doing the mazes is fun;

·        it will give the idea how words can rhyme;

·        tracing of the routes will further develop their motor skills;

·        the more rhyming activities kids do the richer their vocabulary is;

·        in no time your little learners will surprise you with their ability to read their first words!