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Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes and Songs Worksheets

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  • Kindergarten
  • Nursery Rhymes

Want your kindergartener to master a number of useful skills at a time? The amazing collection of fun nursery rhymes for kindergarten on Kid’s Academy is just what you need!

Discover the cute nursery rhymes worksheets for your little learner and let him have some phonics fun with rhyming words and sounds. You are sure to have some great time together with your kid chanting and performing the fun nursery songs on Kid’s Academy. Your kindergartener will develop a lot of necessary skills at the same time too.

With the brightly colored nursery rhymes worksheets for kindergarten, your child will

·        acquire new vocabulary in a quick and exciting way

·        sharpen his phonics ear by listening to and repeating rhyming words and sounds

·        increase his memory skills and learn to memorize poetry

·        build up his basic reading skills by learning how to pick out key details form the stories

·        get some physical exercise while performing nursery songs for children

·         activate his imagination by visualizing characters from his favorite nursery rhymes and songs.

Check out the wonderful skill-building worksheets on Kid’s Academy and get the perfect one for your kid. All of the free printables with kindergarten nursery rhymes boast

·        vivid colors

·        amusing images

·        inspiring tasks.

Download and print out the pretty worksheets with children’s nursery songs and introduce your little learner to simple stories that have been children’s favorites for over a few hundred years. By singing and remembering these simple rhyming songs, your kindergartener will develop a strong sense of cultural community with his peers.

Try the following tips and you are sure to have even more fun while singing a rhyming song to your child:

·        use your gestures, and change your voice to make your kid excited about the songs

·        let your kindergartener sing parts of the nursery songs together with you

·        miss out some words and get your child to finish the lines

·        say the wrong words and your child will correct you

·        discover the fun coloring pages of nursery rhymes on Kids Academy and your kid will color in his favorite characters any way he wants

Check out the variety of helpful worksheets with nursery rhymes and songs on Kid’s Academy and let your kindergartener have some fun as he gets educated. The activities include silly poem readings, some writing practice, coloring in pictures and more.

Did your preschooler like the activities? Check back soon as we’re regularly adding new kindergarten printables and educational games to our remarkable collection of nursery songs.