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Students Staying Ahead with Kids Academy’s Talented and Gifted App

Feb. 14, 2022

What parent doesn’t rejoice at their child’s academic success? The modern social, educational and working environments require an individual to be open-minded, motivated, self-organized, knowledgeable, flexible, good with technology and capable of life-long learning. The education system plays a great role in forming the foundation of all those skills starting from the very first school years. And although nothing can compete with a real teacher organizing an engaging, fostering and motivational learning environment for their students, and finding a personal approach to each of them, the advances of today’s technology can also be a great supplement to the traditional educational process. 

Here at Kids Academy, we’ve been working hard to develop effective and beneficial digital learning tools and create an educational platform that would cultivate a child’s love for knowledge and provide a comfortable learn-and-play setting for acquiring and practicing new academic skills starting from the very beginning of one’s learning journey – preschool and kindergarten. The result is our Talented and Gifted app designed for kids from 2 to 10 years old.

T&G is an app incorporating more that 4000 learning activities organized in standard-aligned curricula for different grade levels. Similar to a video game, the learning process is streamlined in such a way so as to make a child’s advance from easier to more complex skills and concepts smooth and stress free. With help of experienced teachers, we’ve developed the following courses:

  • Math
  • English Language Arts
  • World Around Us (for prekindergarten only)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foundational Reading

For especially creative and curious minds, there are also two extra-curricular courses on the app – Arts and Crafts and Chess Basics.


To insure a diverse and engaging learning process, we’ve developed several types of activities:


An instructional cartoon or explanation video can be found at the beginning of most lessons on the curricula. It helps one immerse into the topic or refresh what they already know about it. In the lessons for younger students, educational videos with songs and nursery rhymes are also used as a light and soothing medium for discovering new ideas.



AI-geared worksheets are the main instructional component of the T&G app. Equipped with state-of-the-art auto-scoring mechanisms and coming with catchy graphics and voice over, they prove to be a perfect learning tool for practicing and perfecting one’s skills in each of the subjects. All the learning worksheets can be completed and auto-checked both on screen and in the printed version, and can also be found at free access on the Kids Academy website

worksheets 1


The learning games on the app come in many different formats and graphic styles and cover topics from ABCs, matching and sorting and sight words to multiplication sentences, fractions and word parts. Playing a game, a child learns without even knowing it, which can yield surprisingly impressive results for their skill acquisition.

stacking towers


Interactive quizzes is the newest learning activity we’ve added to the app. Found at the end of each major topic, they’re aimed at reviewing what’s been learned and helping assess a student’s progress. Voice over, task diversity and explanations given after the questions that were challenging for the child make them highly accessible and at least as fun as all our other activity types.

Untitled 7

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the learning experience even more amusing and satisfying for each student. One of the latest features we’ve added to the app is the motivational game called Dress-up Eddie. Should Eddie the Elephant turn into a cute bunny wearing a magician’s hat or into a star-spangled rock diva? Students can exchange their earned points for stylish accessories to dress up the app’s adorable protagonist.

  eddie 1


All that said, Kids Academy – Talented and Gifted is designed to give a child a safe and entertaining learning experience. The app is add-free and only offers age-appropriate materials. Up to three student profiles can be created within one account. Once subscribed, you’ll receive weekly progress reports on your email to get a better idea of your prodigy’s achievements.

We love you and this day we want to give you a wonderful gift - just $14.02 for three months! Subscribe to the Talented & Gifted educational mobile app for kids with 65% OFF quarterly subscription and get plenty of funny and educative activities for your little one: interactive worksheets, teacher-driven animated explanatory videos on history, social studies etc., games, quizzes and much more!

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