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What is a coloring page? It is a black and white picture that a child needs to color in. Pick up your crayons and colored pencils and enjoy our fun coloring pages which are engaging to have fun and are insightful to learn with. 

In our printable coloring pages you’ll find:

  • Simple scenes with big images and clear and accurate details, so that your little artist will be able to color between boundaries without crossing them.
  • Learning activities to teach your kids basic shapes and colors.
  • Stories and characters from all-favorite kids’ fairytales (Three Little Pigs and more).
  • Engaging activities to keep your little learners busy for hours.
  • Fun and inspiring atmosphere.

Coloring pages will develop a set of key skills in your kids, which is a prerequisite for academic progress and success in life. Your kids will certainly benefit with our fun-filled coloring pages that will help them:

Develop creativity

Coloring pages develop children’s creativity and teach them to express themselves. Coloring in pictures, just like painting, stimulates creative perception of the surrounding world and helps children invent their own scenarios and take decisions (which color to choose or which colors go together).

Foster attention span

A coloring page isthe best way to occupy a rambunctious kid. Our free coloring pages can make even the naughtiest and noisiest kid sit down and relax. Break out the crayons, sit your kid down and give them a chance to dive into in a wonderful world of imagination. 

Provide stress therapy

Children who always create and invent something have good mental health. Kids Academy provides fun printable coloring pages that have a good therapeutic effect, as coloring for many children is a good way to calm down and get rid of stress.

Improve motor skills and pencil grip 

When your kids scribble all over a coloring sheet they not only have a wonderful time, but also develop fine motor muscles necessary for strong pencil grip and good penmanship.

Print out our coloring pages and give your kids a chance to create their own piece of art!