Christmas: Night Before Christmas Printable

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Christmas is the season of good tidings and giving, and kids everywhere love to give and receive presents!
Give them the gift of coloring this Christmas season with this joyful boy and girl coloring page! Use it to start a conversation with your children about the spirit of giving. Ask your child what they would like to give, and remind them that giving is just as important as receiving! Have them imagine what the boy and girl are giving and receiving.
Then, help your child to pick out the perfect colors to decorate the image, making the boy and girl, along with all their presents, come to life! Your child will get into the gift-giving spirit coloring this page, while getting excited for Santa’s arrival before Christmas morning! Print this delightfully festive page and keep your little one excited ready for Christmas.

Required skills:

The students should know how to color the image with the help of colors and should be able to imagine and draw what the boy and girl are giving and receiving. Additionally, they should also be able to talk about the spirit of giving and explore their ideas and thoughts on what they would like to give to others.

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