Easter: Easter Eggs Worksheet

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Coloring Easter eggs are a tradition found across the globe. Every year, kids love to color eggs, and go on hunts to gather as many goody-filled eggs as they can!
Popular amongst springtime celebrations and the Christian holiday alike, Easter eggs are a tradition kids look forward to each year! Get your child excited for coloring eggs this year with this Easter egg printable coloring page. Encourage your child to think of the colors they would like to use to decorate the eggs with to complete the design on the page. 
Let them use as many colors as they want! Kids love making their own decorations and designs to prepare for the big day. After coloring, the page can be used as inspiration for how they would like to decorate their real eggs once your family gets started with this time-honored tradition!

Required skills:

To resolve this worksheet, students should know different colors and be able to color within lines. They should also be able to use their imagination to create unique designs on the eggs.

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