Easter: a Hen and a Chick Printable

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Easter and spring represent a time of revival and rejuvenation. Wake up your child’s senses and excite them for the upcoming holiday with this charming Easter hen coloring page!
Before you color the eggs and serve the ham, take advantage of this opportunity to talk with your child about what colors represent spring and Easter. Encourage him or her to breathe life into the delightful butterflies, bees, flowers and egg.
Not only is this coloring activity a great way to get excited for the holiday, but turn it into a learning opportunity to discuss seasons as well as the holiday itself. This cute chick coloring page will inspire your little one to learn more about the symbols of Easter while they prepare for this joyous holiday!

Required skills:

To resolve this worksheet, students should know the basic colors associated with Easter and spring, as well as what symbols and animals are commonly associated with the holiday. They should also be able to identify and color pictures of these symbols.

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