Native American Girl Thanksgiving Day Worksheet

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In American history, Thanksgiving will always be remembered as a time when the pilgrims and Native Americans finally came together to celebrate a new peace between the two groups. For our children, this is the first lesson many kids learn in school that celebrates diversity and peace. Why not use this delightful coloring page to reinforce these ideals of peace and acceptance with your child on this Thanksgiving Day?
Talk to your child about the rich history behind the holiday and encourage him or her to practice peace, love, and acceptance in their everyday lives. Let your child hang this picture to decorate the house and serve as a reminder of the history behind the big day. Print this coloring page to spread the love and warmth of the holiday.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should have some knowledge about the history of Thanksgiving and understand the importance of peace, love, and acceptance towards other cultures and people. They should also be able to color the Native American girl image provided in the worksheet.
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