Halloween: A Funny Monster Worksheet

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Halloween is almost here, and what better way to get your little ghoul excited for spooky fun than with free Halloween coloring pages? Offer up a fun way for your child to get in the right mood for Halloween by encouraging them to make this scene come to life!
Help your child color the page, and assist them in using it to decorate anything from their trick-or-treat bag to their bedroom walls. Kids will love to take their ghastly artwork with them as they make their way around the neighborhood collecting treats. Print out this coloring page on cardstock to help them create their own custom-made trick-or-treat box, or simply help them tape it to their existing bag.
No matter how you use it, your child will have a wickedly wonderful time coloring this Halloween page!

Required skills:
In order to resolve this worksheet, students should know how to color within lines and understand the concept of Halloween. They should recognize the image as a monster and use colors appropriate for Halloween. The worksheet is designed to encourage creativity and imagination.
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