Easter: a Bunny and a Lamb Worksheet

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Bunnies, Easter chicks, and lambs represent fertility, new life, and rebirth, which are all important symbols important in the springtime. All of these cute cuddly animals are also Easter symbols, bringing special meaning to the religious holiday.
This adorable lamb coloring page will inspire your little ones to learn more about Easter, spring, and the meaning behind these cuddly little animals! Utilize this page to teach your child more about springtime traditions and your religious beliefs.
Turn it into a learning experience by explaining how the Easter bunny came to be, for an important lesson in world culture. This Easter bunny coloring page will excite your child for Easter morning, while also serving as a teaching tool to learn about religion, culture, and seasons!

Required skills:

To resolve this worksheet, students should have a basic understanding of Easter symbols and their meanings, springtime traditions, and their religious beliefs. They should also have the ability to color and be creative.

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