Christmas: Christmas Tree Printable

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Santa is getting the North Pole ready for Christmas and needs your help! Your child will love helping Santa decorate his tree with this festively cute Christmas tree coloring page!
Talk with your child about Christmas-themed colors, and help them to select the best colors for the ornaments. Let your little artist use his or her creativity to color the background, and ask them to imagine the backdrop and what Santa’s workshop or home might look like.
Help them to draw a fireplace, elves, or even Santa’s reindeer to ignite their imagination and make the coloring page come to life. Encourage your child to decorate his or her room, or to give the coloring page to someone with a gift or card. There’s no shortage of ways for your child to spread the joy of the season with this merry coloring page.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to identify and name Christmas-themed colors and have basic coloring skills. They need to use their creativity and imagination to color the background and create their own drawings, such as a fireplace, elves, or Santa’s reindeer. Students should also be able to share their finished work with others, like decorating their room or giving it as a gift.
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