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Introducing Kids Academy Summer Camp for Grade 1

June 22, 2020

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For years, Kids Academy has been dedicated to bringing parents and teachers the finest educational resources through our apps, games, worksheets, and more! Now more than ever, we realize that learning outside the classroom is essential for closing learning gaps and getting ahead. In light of recent school closures, there has never been a more important time to refocus, review, and begin anew.

If you have a rising 1st grader, it’s likely that he or she missed a quarter of their most foundational year: kindergarten. The primary years in school, which include grades K-3, are crucial for setting the foundation all future learning will be built upon. To meet your child’s unique academic needs, Kids Academy has specially designed a summer camp program included right within our own Talented and Gifted app, with a course tailor-made for first graders!

Covered Subjects and Skills

1st graders build upon skills taught in kindergarten by becoming emergent early readers and writers, while increasing their numeracy and mathematics skills. Additionally, students begin to look more closely at the world around them and branch out into more detailed social studies and science topics. With that in mind, our summer camp course covers the following topics and skills:

  • Phonics skills, including letter sounds and blends
  • Sight words for quick fluency
  • Story structure
  • Counting beyond 100
  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Social studies concepts that focus on history, communities, and citizenship
  • Science topics that plants, animals, climate, space, and early physics

See the full program here


Activities Included

All our activities are created and hand-picked by experts in early education. We are proud to offer the following features during in-app use:

  • Exciting child-friendly games that include voiced guidance for pre-emergent readers
  • Assessments that provide parents with ample feedback and a chance for remediation
  • Engaging interactive worksheets and coloring pages
  • Animated videos, songs, and storybooks to keep kids entertained while learning
  • Instructor-led video tutorials for targeted lessons

Give your child’s skills an extra boost this summer and ensure that he or she is ready for fall. Close gaps, review old material, and tackle new content all before the school year begins! Don’t let the summer slip away; enroll in summer camp today!

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