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Introducing Kids Academy Summer Camp for Grade K

June 19, 2020

Summer camp illustration.

Is your child ready for kindergarten? For many preschool students, school closures meant cutting the curriculum short or participating in chaotic meetings with classmates that didn’t get much accomplished. To help prevent both the pandemic and summer slide, Kids Academy has prepared an innovative new summer camp course to support your rising kindergartener.

For many students, losing in-class instruction could translate into learning gap that needs to be closed as soon as possible. Our summer camp is designed to accomplish exactly that, preparing your little learner for the new school year and beyond. 

Subjects and Skills Included

Kindergarten is a critical year for learning, since these young learners set the stage for all future learning to last a lifetime. Our summer camp ensures that your child will be ready by focusing on the following subjects and skills:

  • English language arts, including phonics, basic grammar and punctuation skills, vocabulary, and reading readiness
  • Foundational math skills which includes logic and reasoning skills, early geometry, numbers from 0-100, and basic addition and subtraction equations
  • Social studies topics that focus on cultures, community, and citizenship
  • Science concepts that include simple physics, Earth science, climate, habitats, plants, and animals.

See the full program here


Activities and Features

As pre-emergent readers, kindergarteners need instruction they can understand. Kids Academy works with expert educators to offer your children the following features:

  • Fun and engaging games and activities that are professionally voiced
  • Quizzes to provide parents with feedback while remediating for learning gaps
  • Interactive and motivating worksheets and coloring pages to keep little learners excited
  • Storybooks, songs, and animated videos to entertain while teaching
  • Professional tutorials led by teachers to provide targeted instruction

Why Join Now?

When it comes to school, kindergarten is one of the most important foundational years for every child. Give your child a head start in life by signing up for our summer camp course. Remediate for learning loss from the spring and take on new material to give your child a chance to digest new concepts before school even starts. Enroll in summer camp today!  

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