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Holidays are a magical time for kids! Children wait in anticipation the entire year until their favorite holiday comes around yet again. Why not help make their favorite time of the year even more special by offering them these adorable holiday coloring pages?

Print out our holiday coloring pages to help your little artist to make their favorite holiday scenes come to life, while helping them build important life and educational skills. 

Our coloring pages offer your child a chance to: 

  • Use their imaginations to create vivid holiday scenes;
  • Build cognitive and reasoning skills by allowing them to make artistic choices;
  • Improve fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination;
  • Improve dexterity to build a foundation for future handwriting skills;
  • Practice self-expression and build self-esteem.

Coloring is already an important tool in helping little learners establish foundational skills to help them prepare for their future educational endeavors. Adding in holiday-themed coloring will help them express their excitement through thoughtful artwork. 

Halloween Coloring Pages

Check out our spooky collection of Halloween scenes that are sure to get your little one ready for trick-or-treat! Since Halloween unofficially kicks off the fall holiday season, your child’s enthusiasm will build for each approaching holiday.

Print out these coloring pages and encourage your child to decorate the house with their ghastly artwork to help set the mood for this spooky holiday. 

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Help your child understand the true meaning of giving thanks by offering them our Thanksgiving Coloring pages. While your child colors these pages, tell them the story of Thanksgiving and help them to understand why Thanksgiving is such an important holiday.

Using these pages, your child can learn the history behind our Thanksgiving traditions, and develop gratitude for their everyday blessings. 

Christmas Coloring Pages

Kids look forward to Christmas all year long! Between family get-togethers, the delicious meals and desserts, Santa, and presents, it’s no wonder children are entranced by this magical holiday. By offering your child these Christmas coloring pages, your child will build enough excitement and enthusiasm to last through New Year’s Day.

Use these pages to decorate and set the scene for Christmas memories in your home. 

Why Coloring Pages?

Coloring is a great way for your children to express themselves, and to build educational skills. Print out our coloring pages and bring the magic of the season to life with your little artists’ colorful scenes.