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by Julie Sheard (Educator and Specialized Instructional Assistant)
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Walk up the Reading Mastery Ladder Together with T&G

Nov. 29, 2021

Learning to read is an essential skill that opens the doors to the world of knowledge for children. It allows them to take charge of their learning, become more adaptable and self-sufficient in their academic study, as well as boost their imagination and creativity through exposure to various types of literature. As young students progress through elementary school, their knowledge of specific subjects should increase and deepen to ensure a stronger comprehension of the academic material at each successive grade level.

Early readers need to have dialogues with an adult about written texts that are read aloud and be able to compare what they hear with what they read, as well as analyze, and process it. It's like giving children different parts of a jigsaw puzzle that over time will come together and make one large conceptual picture of foundational English language arts skills.

Our Talented and Gifted learning app is specifically designed to support The New York State Pre-Kindergarten Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards (K-3) for reading skills and other academic domains. When children hear and utilize a great deal of language in a variety of contexts, such as instructional frameworks, spontaneous interactions, and play, they become capable of acquiring new concepts, accumulating background knowledge, and deriving meaning from written materials.

Our English language arts and Foundational Reading courses offer a rich selection of activities that become more challenging as your child progresses along the Learning Path completing free reading worksheets, watching video tutorials, playing learning games, passing quizzes, and receiving visual and audio feedback.

foundation reading lessons


We say you can begin building reading skills at any age! 2- and 3-year-olds can already start being exposed to a range of themes, readings, and dialogues that promote language and comprehension development. Our app will help you incorporate literacy resources into learning activities and play. We have preschool games to introduce your child to reading from the very first stage of learning the alphabet and deciphering sight words.

zoo worksheet

To access the instruction in reading and literacy basics, start a profile with a Pre-K grade level. The ELA curriculum opens with lessons that focus on ABCs where your child will view an engaging and colorful short educational video with examples needed to complete the worksheets and play games that follow. Further along the curriculum, the lessons progress into fun with nursery rhymes, object and color vocabulary, and developmentally appropriate literature followed by a quiz.

Those easy-to-complete quizzes are designed to recap the foundational literacy skills, such as print concepts, phonological awareness, integration of knowledge, and key ideas and details of a text read aloud.

alphabet worksheets

Start your kindergartener off on the right foot by checking out our English apps for kindergarten and by creating a corresponding grade level profile. The course begins with reviewing letters to ensure students’ success in later activities. Each chapter contains 2-4 lessons, so that progression feels quick and achievable. The English language arts chapters begin with a deeper study of the alphabet and develop into building an awareness of consonant and vowel sounds.

In later chapters, your kindergartener will be able to practice skills like identifying singular and plural nouns, as well as verbs, and prepositions. A vocabulary foundation is set when getting acquainted with prefixes and suffixes and sorting words into different categories based on their meaning. Kids will also be asked to find the correct word spacing and arrange words to make a sentence. The kindergarten learning plan also includes lessons on familiar stories, such as Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, and The Little Red Riding Hood.

finger up

Our first-grade ELA and Reading curricula include long and short vowel identification, blends, diagraphs, and sight words. Later on, students will find tasks where they have to drag the correct word into a sentence to complete it and match an illustration. Reading comprehension chapters will focus on identifying characters, settings, and major events in fictional stories, finding details in informational texts, and experimenting with different genres. We finish our first grade ELA section with grammatical basics, like parts of speech and punctuation.

finger up

When it comes to second grade reading skills, we start with lessons on phonological awareness featuring videos and worksheets to practice long and short vowels, syllables and spelling patterns. Later on, we offer activities to review nouns, verbs, and word parts. We help your student demonstrate their understanding of key details in different types of texts, such as folktales, realistic fiction, and informational texts. Your second grader will finish their learning plan with a deeper understanding of the purpose behind a text and of the text features.

baby pandas worksheets

The 3rd-grade ELA and Reading courses start by reviewing standards from the previous grade level. Kids will work on a more profound level with suffixes and prefixes, sight words, homophones and spelling patterns. They will proceed to polishing off their knowledge of nouns, verbs, and adjectives through sorting activities; whereas in later sections, kids will find short stories, folktales, and poetry followed by kids worksheets and quizzes that check for understanding and comprehension. At this point your child is encouraged to really dive into informational texts which center around science and historical events.

Kid’s Academy Talented and Gifted app is built so that up to three children in your home can have their own profile and learning plan. Simply establish each profile with a name, avatar, and grade level. Each player will have their very own home page, which will allow them to access the Adventure Land, a set of academic subjects, customizable Eddie the Elephant. When activities are completed in the app, your child earns stars to dress up Eddie the Elephant, their adventure buddy – an activity motivating them to come back to the virtual classroom and learn more.

elephant game

Our team of experienced educators, instruction designers and software developers produced the Talented and Gifted instructional program to give families a high-quality educational resource. Our reading app for kids will make learning easy by utilizing fun, interactive techniques to practice alphabet skills and phonics, build vocabulary, master grammar, and ace in text comprehension and analysis. Kids Academy also has a collection of other learning solutions for developing literacy, so be sure to check out our English apps for kindergarten through grade 3.

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