Ordering 11–20: Busy Bee Counting Worksheet

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Sometimes after kids learn to count from 1 to 10, they have a hard time with what comes next. Help your child to master counting after 10 with this counting from 11 to 20 worksheet.
Inspired by an activity that all kids love—connect the dots—your child will help the busy bee find his way back to the hive by counting and drawing a line to help trace his path. With such a fun purpose for counting, your child will have no idea that invaluable learning is taking place! 
Here’s what your child will practice with this worksheet: 
• Logical reasoning skills to determine what number comes next
• Counting, beginning with the number 11
• Recognizing numbers in print as they complete the sheet
• Using a pencil to draw lines to make a path.
Your child will practice multiple skills, making this worksheet an excellent tool to help your child succeed and progress in numeracy skills and more!
As with all our worksheets, you can expect the following: 
• A vibrant worksheet packed with adorable pictures
• Clear and simple directions to guide your child
• A fun and meaningful activity to motivate your little learner
• A worksheet that genuinely works your child’s problem solving and cognitive skills.
Kids learn best when they’re having fun, and by guiding the bee back to his hive, your child will experience a real purpose and motivation to complete the worksheet. Without even knowing it, your child will practice skills needed for academic success, all while they have fun doing it!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count numbers from 11 to 20, be able to recognize the numbers in print, and have logical reasoning skills to determine what number comes next. Students also need to know how to use a pencil to draw lines to connect the dots and help the bee find its way back to the hive.