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5 Apps to Prepare Your Child for Common Core Standards

July 11, 2017

Educational terms If you’re in one of the 42 states that have aligned with the Common Core Initiative, you know that your child will face a much more rigorous curriculum than the one you grew up with in school. Even if your child attends one of the states that do not have Common Core, you can count on increased standards across the board, with reading, writing, and more complicated math concepts taught right away in kindergarten. Since preschool isn’t compulsory in the US, there are currently no Common Core standards for preschool, making it even more important to prepare your kids for elementary school as soon as possible. 

We realize how important it is to give kids the very best quality apps and materials to ensure that every kid can become an outstanding student once they land in school! Get your kids ready for their 13-year educational journey with 5 outstanding apps that prepare your child for kindergarten common core standards!

Interactive Worksheets Center

Educational app Grade/Level: Preschool, Ages 2-4

Skills to master: Mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, Social Studies

Available on the App Store and Google play


According to the Common Core Initiative, the purpose of the Common Core is to prepare all kids for success in college, career, and life. This starts with kindergarten standards that simply aim for early learners to gain an increasing knowledge and competency in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. This app is perfect to help prepare your child for school because it truly does it all!

With our Interactive Worksheets Center app, you’ll find worksheets across the curriculum that exposes your child to various science, and social studies topics, while also providing worksheets to increase reading and writing skills.

All-in-One Early Learning Center

Cartoon children Grade/Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, Ages 2-6

Skills to master: Mathematics and English Language Arts

Available on the App Store

The Common Core is broken up into two major areas: ELA and math. When looking at the standards, you’d notice that science and social studies are listed under English Language Arts. This means that ELA and math are held to be the most important standards to the curriculum, hands down.

This app is centered around those two major areas to ensure that your child is building competency to improve their cognitive thinking skills, as well as literacy skills. This app showcases 3 separate levels for learners by age, providing your toddler with sorting and matching activities to improve cognition and problem solving skills, while proving your older child with reading, writing, and counting practice.  

Singapore Math

Cartoon dog, math. Grade/Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, Ages 3-6

Skills to master: Mathematics

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Here’s an app to help your child throughout kindergarten and beyond! Our Singapore Math app is a great way to give your child extra practice, and to prepare him or her for school. The goal for Singapore Math and for Common Core Math is essentially the same: to give kids a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. And in kindergarten, kids will be expected to count numbers using sets of objects, making Singapore Math’s pictorial method of learning math the perfect preparation.

This app will lead your little mathematician through an interface that includes sets of games in ascending difficulty. This allows your child to work through each skill before moving onto the next, allowing for mastery of math concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, and more! 

Kindergarten Math and Reading Games

Animated owl mascot. Grade/Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, Ages 2-5

Skills to master: Mathematics and English Language Arts

Available on the App Store

When it comes to counting, Common Core standards in kindergarten focus on kids being able to write and count numbers 0-20, with being able to start from a larger number, like 11. This app will give your child practice in doing just that with separate game boards to allow kids to trace numbers from 1-10, and 11-20.

Likewise, the Common Core emphasizes in growing competency in recognizing and writing text in print, and this app will help your little learner to practice tracing and writing letters to prepare for higher level literacy skills. Since the focus on the curriculum, especially at an early age, is centered around ELA and math, kids need a variety of ways to practice skills, and this app will let your child practice tracing and forming letters and numbers.

Towers Puzzle Games

Colorful spaceship icon Grade/Level: Preschool, Ages 2-4

Skills to master: Early Mathematic skills

Available on the App Store

All kids have to start somewhere. Our Towers Puzzle Games app is awesome for the littlest of learners, who are just starting to build logical reasoning skills. Common Core standards prioritize early learners working with counting numbers and recognizing and describing shapes and sequences. This app will certainly train your toddler or preschooler to look for sequences, and to identify and recognize shapes.

In addition to geometry and sequencing skills, Towers Puzzle Games is a fun way for little learners to learn counting skills, while they strengthen problem solving and cognitive thinking skills. Give your child the best start to learning important early mathematic skills with this fun and engaging app meant for the earliest learners! 

Don’t be afraid of the Common Core, or whichever set of standards your state adopts. With so many apps to help your child with rigorous standards, your child will be armed with the knowledge and skills to be successful across the curriculum! 


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