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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!

April 17, 2023

From National Puppy Day to National Ice Cream Day, there seems to be a holiday for everything! With so many informal commemorative days on the yearly calendar, it’s easy to understand why people may grow weary of constant holidays. While the list seems to be growing larger with each passing year, there is one holiday that has been around for a while that must not be ignored: Earth Day. 

Established on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day was founded to bring international attention to environmental issues, especially regarding the role that humans play in harming the planet. Just a year before the first Earth Day, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio caught fire, shocking the nation. The pollution in the river was so toxic that unfathomable happened when water caught fire. This, along with other major environmental disasters inspired people to protest to help bring a heightened awareness to these harmful events.

Considering the damage that human inventions have caused, Earth Day was created to educate people about the importance of caring for the planet through conservation, recycling, and saving it from the harms of pollution and deforestation. Because our children represent the future of human life and society, it’s critically important that they learn about and celebrate Earth Day to build habits that will benefit the planet for the sake of all future generations. 

Earth Day Videos by Kids Academy

To get your child started learning about and celebrating Earth Day, Kids Academy has created several exciting educational videos about the holiday and what families can do to commemorate this very important day. Watch the following learning videos with your kids to teach them more about Earth Day: 

1. How did Earth Day come about, and what can we do to help sustain our planet? These are the questions that this video tackles to help little learners understand why this day is so important. While watching, viewers are introduced to the problems that led to millions of Americans protesting in hopes of protecting the environment. After learning about the history of the holiday, kids will learn specific actions their families can take to help reduce pollution and prevent waste. 

2. Ecological awareness is the ability to understand how humans impact the earth’s natural environment, and what people could do to reduce any harm. This video introduces important terms like conservation and scarcity to help children become conscious of the consequences that occur when people do not try to preserve natural resources and provides more actions viewers can take to protect them. 


3. Recycling is a critical component to reducing pollution as it reuses products to reduce the number of new items that are being created by pollution-causing factories. This video teaches learners all about the concept of recycling, including what items can and cannot be placed in a recycling bin versus the trash. 


4. Let’s learn about the sun! Because the sun is so important to our world, it’s imperative that little learners understand the basics of science to connect those concepts to more complex topics, such as the need for ecological awareness. This video provides kids with background information about the sun and explains why it supports life on Earth.

5. Sunlight is an important natural resource, and many kids may not initially understand that without it, life as we know it could not exist. Unfortunately, pollution causes smog that blocks out the important rays that help fuel the planet and drive all forms of life. This video is aimed at educating children about the importance of sunlight and how it affects the earth, which equips them with the knowledge needed to understand that importance of protecting this natural resource.

Don’t let another year pass without celebrating Earth Day! Now is the best time to educate your early learner about the importance of ecological awareness and making choices that will help to reduce damage to the planet. Use the above videos to teach your child to become conscious of their own impact on Earth, and then plan to utilize some of the ways to help change our world for the better.

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