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  • 5 Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys is an old folk nursery song. Five funny monkeys won’t listen to their mother and are jumping on the bed. They fall off the bed and bump their heads.

The song is so simple and silly that kids are sure to love it as soon as they hear it. The nursery rhyme is so amusing and easy to comprehend that even small kids will want to join in and feel enthusiastic about finishing the lines independently if you miss out some words.

Five Little Monkeys is not just a fun nursery rhyme but it is also a good finger play. Use some simple actions to mimic the words of the song and your children will get an extra chance to develop their motor skills. 

At Kids Academy, you’ll find two types of the Five Little Monkeys nursery rhyme:

  • The worksheet with the nursery rhyme itself. This worksheet also features the monkeys’ Mama calling the doctor. Pick up your crayons and give some bright color to the little crying monkey and his Mama.
  • The printable coloring page featuring the expressive five little monkeys. Make the story of the five little monkeys come to life for your child by visualizing the characters of this fun nursery song. 

Print out both worksheets for your kids and enjoy fun nursery rhymes.