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Kids love rhyming words. They sound interesting and are fun to say! Better yet, your child will develop phonological awareness and emerging reading skills as they practice with rhymes. When paired with a fun and engaging worksheet, children are sure to learn and retain more. Your child will love our free printable rhyming worksheets, which feature a lovable dog character familiar from other Kids Academy worksheets.

In each rhyming worksheet, your child will begin with a root word. Your child will be tasked with finding the word that rhymes with the root. They will help the dog by tracing a path through the maze that leads the dog to the correct rhyming word. 

Included in each rhyming worksheet: 

  • Bright, and colorful images, and a dog character that your child will love;
  • A root word that rhymes with another word on the page;
  • Other words that do not rhyme with the root word so that kids narrow down their options.

Why you'll love our worksheets?

Our worksheets use a variety of sounds so children can practice rhyming with different phonemes. All root and rhyming words are drawn as pictures. This will challenge your kindergartener to think of the words and sounds in their head. Work together with your child to help him/her to write the words on the page to practice writing. 

By writing in the words on the page, your child will also practice developing writing skills, and they will be able to make a connection between words and the sounds they produce. 

Help your child get ahead by developing their reading and linguistic skills with our free worksheets.