First Words: What Doesn't Belong Worksheet

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Categorizing items is an important practical skill for little learners. Sorting and classifying objects helps kids make sense of the world around them. Here’s a what doesn’t belong worksheet for preschool that is sure to challenge and delight your child while allowing them to practice important categorization skills! 
By completing this worksheet, your child will: 
• Practice important problem-solving skills 
• Improve cognition and logical reasoning skills
• Strengthen categorization skills.
Perfect for toddlers and young preschoolers, this worksheet will help your child to categorize familiar objects and pictures. Your child will love working with bright and exciting images, while their mind gets a challenging workout!

Required skills:
To successfully complete this worksheet, students should have a basic understanding of categorization. They should be able to identify similarities and differences between objects and use logical reasoning to determine which objects do not belong in a group. They should also have developed problem-solving skills to make sense of the images presented.