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How Your Child’s Favorite Apps Can Unlock the Door to Fun Summer Hobbies

June 19, 2017

School’s out for the summer and it’s inevitable: your child will be spending much more time in front of a screen over the next few months. Summer is a precious time for kids—nothing is more exciting than summers spent outside in the sprinkler and sun; but with many parent’s busy work schedules, it’s only a matter of time until your kid will turn to a screen to soothe summer boredom. Why not transform that downtime into something that can spark your child’s interests in something new?

Child, tablet, outdoors Sometimes screen time can get a bad rep, but with the right apps, screen time can inspire a whole new world of educational activities for kids, and ignite the fire for a new learning adventure. For families that can’t get out to take a vacation, and even for those that do, learning is limited to the immediate environment around them.

But imagine an app that allows kids to explore the world without ever leaving the house, and suddenly places around the globe previously off limits to your child are wide open for learning. Kids today have the unique experience of using screens to discover the world and their interests. But how do you find the right app, let alone the right hobby for your child? 


Sparking Interest and Uncovering Talents

Learning apps for kids come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error to find your child’s interests. Keeping your mind wide-open, choose apps and videos that focus on the following: 

  • Fun science experiments, learning about animals, plants, peoples, and other interesting creatures and phenomena
  • Music video apps with educational singalongs, or ways to build songs and play instruments  
  • Creative DIY arts and crafts apps that allow kids to dress up or design digital images
  • Social studies knowledge, and fun stuff like geography, interactive maps, and history.

The types of apps out there run the gamut of educational subjects, and they’re fun ways to uncover your child’s interests. Along the way, you and your child might discover a hidden talent; perhaps your child is great at making songs and music, or has a special talent for design. Help your child use these apps in a way they can transform these interests into real-world activities, and your child can develop a love and hobby to keep them busy for many summers (and winters) to come! 

5 Screen Activities for Fun Summer Hobbies

Still need more ways that screen time can translate into serious summer fun? Here’s some specific examples to help your child discover their interests with just one highly interactive app:

    • The Kid-Scientist

If your child is interested in the world around him and how everything works, turn your child into a kid-scientist! Lead the way with science worksheets for kids to get their feet wet with learning intriguing new information about weather, plants, animals and more! You can also find some fantastically fun science experiments that can easily turn into a hobby at home! 

    •  The World Traveler

If science isn’t their thing, maybe they want to learn more about their community, or countries and cultures from around the world! From this inspiring app that lets your child travel the world without ever leaving the house, to interactive maps that let them find exactly what they’re looking for, social studies apps can open a world of possibilities for your child. This can easily translate into a fun-filled cultural hobby, discovering another culture through cooking, baking, or dress. 

    • The Artist

Perhaps your child is artistically inclined, which is easy to tell just by printing coloring pages, and letting your child work. If your child is a lover of art, there are a plethora of fun arts and crafts available in the app to let your child play around with coloring, painting, drawing, and more. Later, transform this interest into a hobby that can be used to decorate for events, or even by molding sculptures or designing anything from clothes, décor, or even web pages. 

    • The Logical Mathematician

A lot of kids are more logical, and love to use their budding logical skills playing puzzles, solving mazes, and by manipulating numbers and discovering patterns. Our fun interactive app is packed with tricky puzzles to stimulate the logical kid’s passion for solving problems. When translated into a hobby, math lends itself to origami, building things, and when your child is older—coding or robotics. 

    • The Language Lover 

Maybe your child has a wild imagination, ripe for creating captivating stories. Some kids love piecing together words or sounds, or appreciate a good rhyme. Why not build their language skills with the app that focuses on learning language, phonics, or reading stories and fairy tales? Ignite their imagination with stories they love, and reading, storytelling, or writing will become a loved lifelong hobby! 

Thanks to the wide array of learning apps, it’s never been so easy to unlock your child’s passion, and finding the perfect hobby. Long summer days are the perfect time to let your child discover his interests. By using screen time as a catalyst for summer adventure, your child will become lifelong learners, always pursuing her dreams! Take a tour across other apps perfect for fun summer hobbies


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