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Even robots have body parts! Matching skills meet anatomy in this fun parts of the body worksheet, featuring a cool robot, sure to excite your little learner! Your child will trace the dotted lines to match the robot’s body parts to the correct place. 
Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
• Focus on the completed parts of the robot to find the matching parts
• Hone matching skills, by determining where each body part goes
• Use abstract thinking skills to understand how the robot’s parts are like theirs.
Get your child excited for matching body parts with this fantastically fun robot, and you can be rest assured she is practicing essential skills that lead to stronger thinking and reasoning skills for future success!

Required skills:
To complete this worksheet, students should be able to identify different body parts and match them to their correct place on the robot. They should also be able to trace dotted lines and use abstract thinking skills to understand how the robot’s body parts are similar to their own.