Space Suit Printable

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Walking around in space isn’t exactly like it is here on earth! Use this adorable space suit printable worksheet to help your little one practice critical sorting and matching skills, while they learn about working and surviving in space.
Here’s what makes this worksheet great: 
• Cute and catchy images, designed to engage your child
• Pictures of gear used in other professions will challenge your child
• Your child will learn more about the harsh conditions of space
Let’s blast off to space to help the dog find the right gear to finish his suit! Your child will hone valuable matching skills as they sort through the images to find what he needs to keep him safe in space!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should be able to match and sort different pieces of space gear, recognizing each item and knowing what it's used for. They should possess some basic knowledge of space and its conditions, such as the need for a suit to survive, and the equipment that is used in different professions.