Life Cycle of Butterfly Printable

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From nursery decorations to butterfly houses, kids and grownups alike marvel at the beauty of butterflies. What’s even more fascinating is the process they take to become the beautiful insects we love to look at! Here’s an adorable butterfly life cycle printable worksheet, perfect for reviewing with your child the magic behind one of their favorite insects!
While completing this worksheet, your child will work on: 
• Understanding the process a butterfly goes through to become a butterfly
• Ordering the stages with the correct sequence, from egg to butterfly
• Strengthening cognitive and problem solving skills.
What makes this worksheet tricky is that since the stages are out of order, your child will have to come up with the best strategy to solve it. Guide your child as they work, and they will be working on multiple complex learning skills, all at once!

Required skills:
Students should know the different stages of a butterfly's life cycle, including the order in which they occur. They should also be able to use problem-solving skills to arrange the stages in the correct sequence. Additionally, students should be able to apply cognitive skills to identify the stages and understand their significance.