Bee Chart Worksheet

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Buzz, buzz! All kids know that bees make honey and even have stingers, but what else can we learn about these interesting creatures? This joyful bee anatomy worksheet will captivate your child’s interests, while teaching him or her about the parts that make up an insect! 
Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
• Learn and identify the different body parts of the bee
• Use problem solving skills to pick the right answer for each part.
No stings, here! Increase your child’s knowledge about insects and their anatomy with this adorable bee anatomy worksheet, and extend their knowledge about the bee by talking about how they live, honeycombs, and how to act around a bee. Use this sheet as a springboard for learning more about bees and insects alike!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know and understand the anatomy and body parts of a bee. They should also be able to identify and match different body parts of the bee.