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Kids Academy Presents New Learning Solutions for 2024

Feb. 8, 2024

Here at Kids Academy, we’re constantly striving to provide families and teachers with innovative new education solutions that make life simpler while also making learning more fun. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our brand-new products for 2024! From a new standards-based lesson section to a wide variety of interactive assessment options, we’re beefing up our website and adding a parent and teacher portal to make all our content readily available from any web browser, no app required!

So, what’s new?

Exciting changes are on the horizon! A new portal, fresh content, and optimized features of existing resources combine to create a truly versatile site that can meet every early learner’s needs. Let’s explore new education solutions that are available now and coming soon:

1. We’ve launched a new portal for parents and teachers:!

This is our brand-new educational portal for school and home hosting two freshly developed learning tools:

Kids Academy Classroom for School

This innovative learning tool is designed for K-3 teachers. Kids Academy Classroom allows them to easily share activities from our expansive resource library featuring thousands of videos, worksheets and quizzes on math, ELA, reading, science, social studies and chess. It offers a convenient online classroom space where students can log in and instantly complete tasks while instructors receive real-time results and stats.


Currently available completely free of charge, Kids Academy Classroom enables educators to enhance their lesson cycle with fun, ready-to-use content and arrange quality and engaging screen time for the kids. As a bonus, activities can also be assigned directly from, so if teachers see something they like while browsing our learning resources, they can move them straight over to the Classroom in one click.

Talented and Gifted Online

As a parent, how would you like to have the benefits and functionality of the Talented and Gifted app accessible on any device at any time? We've got your back! Soon, parents and their children will be able to access everything the Talented and Gifted app has to offer with the convenience of a web browser!


The web version will boast the same functionality as the mobile app, even down to the Eddie the Elephant game that sets the motivation for learning. Simply sign in to the site to access entire teacher-curated lessons along with your child’s learning plan.

2. Exciting new features at our main website:!

Interactive Quizzes

Our young learners and their parents have already had a chance to appreciate Kids Academy’s interactive quizzes on the Talented and Gifted app. These animated activities have diverse functionality from drag and drop to multiple choice and typing tasks followed by thorough explanations wherever the student would struggle with the answer. Now the interactive quizzes are also available on our website! All the quizzes provide the same interactive experience as those from the Talented and Gifted app and allow a wonderful opportunity to assess and recap knowledge in the form of a game! 

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Quiz & Shine! Assessments

Assessment opportunities are imperative as educational tools as they provide feedback to both adults and learners. Unfortunately, sometimes quizzes and tests can be nerve-racking and aren’t usually very fun. So why not make assessments seem more like games to make them stress-free and enjoyable?

Coming soon to the Kids Academy website, Quiz and Shine aims to do just that! This new learning space provides interactive quizzes to assess children’s knowledge and provide instant feedback. Quizzes are organized by grade and subject area, and children enjoy professionally-voice explanations and positive feedback. Best of all, they are fun to complete because they feel more like solving a puzzle than completing work!


Learning Essentials

Available now, Learning Essentials is an entirely new section that streamlines all the most crucial standards-based resources into one collection. Over the years, our resource library has exploded with thousands of worksheets, videos and games. Understandably, looking through pages of worksheets might be overwhelming for those searching for structured learning solutions to cover the basics.


The new Learning Essentials area solves this problem by offering a selection of specially curated courses that cover the core, must-have subject areas. Adults can easily select a grade level, subject area, and topic to quickly find the most relevant materials, all in one place. Packed with professionally designed, teacher-led videos, games, quizzes, and worksheets, Learning Essentials is a great tool for students to have a quick dive into new topics or recapping learned material and refreshing their skills.

An Update to Our Worksheet Catalog

Our worksheet catalog has recently received a facelift featuring a new interface aimed at creating a more engaging experience for learners. New subcategories and a search bar have been included in the Subjects tab along with the new Activity filter to make finding the right worksheet and types of tasks even easier. These tweaks improve the search process to make sure that you find the exact materials you need as quickly as possible!

3. New blog articles are constantly being posted!

Don’t forget that new blog articles are posted regularly on important issues in early education and development. Some of our latest posts include:

  • EdTech Solutions for Neurodivergent Kids • In this post, educator Julie Sheard discusses the term neurodivergent and the various challenges these students face when learning. She presents several tech tools that help neurodivergent children overcome their unique challenges.

  • The Power of Play: What is Play-Based Learning? • Play is such an important part of our children’s lives, not only for its entertainment value but for their learning, too! This post explores and explains play-based learning, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as ideas for incorporating it at home.

  • Creative Ideas for Sorting and Matching Activities • Categorizing objects and images is a critically important early skill for toddlers and preschoolers. This article explains why sorting and matching are so important and offers exciting games to play for practice!

  • Teaching Children About Road Safety and Signs • Road signs and safety come naturally to adults, but not so much for our little learners. Read this post to learn how to teach children to stay safe outside near streets and to find the best resources for review and assessment.

Kids Academy wants to ensure that 2024 is the best year yet for your child’s learning, and we sincerely hope that you are as excited as we are! Whether you’re an elementary education professional or a parent of a toddler or grade-schooler, keep checking back in with us at and to find refreshing new content and updates!

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