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Announcing a Big Update to all ELA Courses

May 5, 2021

update in ELA courses

Kids Academy is constantly striving to bring parents and teachers the most updated and relevant curriculum to meet the needs of all little learners! To keep up with the current Common Core Learning Standards, we have refreshed all our English Language Arts (ELA) courses to add new content and expand upon our library of lessons, worksheets, and activities. Let’s explore the updated curriculum to find out what’s new in all courses, from Pre-K through grade 3.

Interactive Quizzes Now Included in All Courses

Interactive quizzes are great because they offer children immediate feedback while motivating learners in an engaging way as they complete each task. Now our ELA courses offer this advantage for every grade level, poising all students for success!

In each course, users will find quizzes that feature the following benefits:

  • Professionally voiced guidance to assist even the youngest of learners

  • Immersive tasks that allow children to interact with the screen through a combination of drag and drop activities, multiple choice questions, and fill in the blank items

  • Instant and positive feedback to motivate learners, even if they get the question wrong

  • A reteaching opportunity as content is reviewed to remediate for missed questions

  • Insightful reports that parents will appreciate!

Now that interactive quizzes are included at all grade levels (Pre-K through grade 3), parents and teachers can better monitor their students’ strengths, weaknesses, and remediate for learning gaps.


Covered Topics and Skills

The English Language Arts encompasses a broad curriculum that covers both reading and writing skills. Units vary depending on grade level and topic but begins with early literacy skills that form the foundation of reading and writing formation.

Some of the key topics covered in each grade level include:


  • Early writing skills such as creating curves and lines
  • Letter recognition and formation
  • Phonics skills, such as letter sounds and rhymes
  • Text features and genres, such as picture books and poems
  • Story structure, such as plot and setting

Grade K

  • Reading skills, such as features of informational text and literature
  • Writing skills, such as forming sentences and using plural words
  • Grammar conventions, like capitalization and punctuation
  • Vocabulary acquisition, with a focus in prefixes and suffixes

Grade 1

  • Continued phonics skills, such as vowel types and consonant blends
  • Reading skills with an emphasis analyzing elements of a story across genres
  • Reading informational texts by analyzing illustrations and finding key details
  • Grammar with increased complexity, including parts of speech like verb types, adjectives, and conjunctions
  • Writing conventions, including capitalization and different types of punctuation
  • Identifying vocabulary using context clues, root words, prefixes, and suffixes

Grade 2

  • Increased phonological awareness, including syllables and digraphs
  • Spelling lessons that focus on irregular words
  • Continued studies in reading literature across genres and identifying story elements
  • Analyzing author’s purpose and identifying text features in informational text
  • Comparing and contrasting texts across content area
  • Grammar and writing conventions in increasing complexity
  • Using context clues to uncover the meaning of vocabulary words

Grade 3

  • Assessment in phonics and word recognition
  • Finding spelling patterns as well as spelling high frequency words
  • Analyzing story elements, such as characters’ actions and point of view
  • Making connections between informational texts and reviewing across the curriculum
  • Refining sentences using more sophisticated grammar skills, such as adjectives and adverbs
  • Vocabulary skills in greater complexity, such as literal and nonliteral meanings of words

As with all of our curricula within the Kids Academy app, the English Language Arts courses are curated by educational experts and we are constantly looking to improve and expand upon our units and activities. Kids Academy is thrilled with our new and refreshed ELA courses, and we hope that you are, too! 

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