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5 Must-Have Back-to-School Apps

Aug. 14, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! When August rolls around, it’s hard to miss all those commercials and school supplies out in the stores signaling the approach of the new school year. During the summer, or even just in the past year, you might have noticed the buzz abound in the educational community about homework.  

School supplies, tablet. Many districts are turning to homework-free policies, and even if your district isn’t one of them, districts seem to be setting kids loose to spend more time after school with their families. This is great because now more than ever, parents have the power to provide kids with meaningful educational support that fits your child’s needs, and your family’s busy schedule. Check out these awesome back-to-school apps to get your child up and ready for a new school year.

Raccoon Treehouse 

App icon Grade/Level: Prek-K, ages 3-4

Skills to master: Problem solving, classification, early math, and vocabulary skills 

Available on the App Store


When it comes to educational games for kids, apps need to be fun and engaging, while steadily increasing skill mastery. Raccoon Treehouse is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for an app designed to support toddlers and preschoolers. Whether you’re looking to get your toddler started learning new skills, or a way to supplement your child’s Pre-K experience this fall, you’ll find games in this app that are geared towards teaching your kids the basics.

Your child will review matching shapes, colors, and more, while working towards recognizing patterns and learning basic math skills. Your child will have a blast building objects and working on more complex classification games as they progress through the game. This app will grow with your preschooler as they steadily gain new skills and reinforce important skills they’ll no doubt learn in school!

All-In-One Early Learning Program

Cartoon children Grade/Level: Pre-K through Kindergarten, ages 2-6

Skills to master: Logical reasoning, early math, literacy skills, and much more! 

Available on the App Store

Here’s a complete early learning course to support your little learner from toddlerhood through kindergarten! This is a must-have app to have this fall because your child will come back to it time and again for meaningful practice to supplement studies at school! 

The All-In-One Early Learning Program will support your child in learning early sorting and matching skills, while progressing though more complex mathematics and writing. The app is separated into three distinct age and ability levels, and your child will work through each level, mastering new skills along the way. This app focuses heavily on the two most important school subjects: math and English language arts. An essential app for this year’s back-to-school season, you’ll find the app growing with your child and help him get ready for Common Core Standards

Sorting 3: Puzzle Games for Kids

App icon Grade/Level: Pre-K, ages 3-4

Skills to master: Sorting, counting, and classification skills

Available on the App Store

Preschool is all about learning routines, early problem solving skills, and establishing a foundation for future academic learning. Kids have loads of fun, and learn primarily through play. Support your child’s preschool curriculum with this fabulously fun app that offers your child explicit practice in building foundational problem solving skills.

Using this app, your preschooler will practice counting, sorting shapes, colors and animals, all while they work through puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty to allow for mastery. No matter what your child is learning in Pre-K, your child will gain even more with an app like this to support their early education! 

Interactive Worksheet Center

Educational app

Grade/Level: Pre-K and Kindergarten, ages 2-5

Skills to master: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Arts

Available on the App Store or Google Play

Here’s an app that truly does it all! The Interactive Worksheet Center is a one-stop shop to supplement your little learner’s studies across the curriculum! As your child approaches kindergarten, your child will learn more sophisticated knowledge about the world around them.

If you’re looking for an app to cover multiple disciplines, this app will get your child started reviewing everything from sorting and matching, to learning about the weather and forming early logic skills. Perfect for kids who have already covered the basics, this app is a great way to support your child’s early education by giving them a wealth of practice with topics that they’re learning both in and out of school! 

Preschool Learning Kids Games

Cartoon owl, numbers Grade/Level: Pre-K and Kindergarten, ages 3-5

Skills to master: Counting, early literacy, and writing skills

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Meaningful back-to-school activities should directly reinforce what kids will be learning in school and offer them enrichment in those skills. After kids have mastered early problem solving and foundational sorting skills, kids need exposure to academic content that will form the basis of their learning for the rest of their educational career.

Here’s an app that will support your child in learning early math and literacy skills. Offering fun games to practice counting and tracing, this app will have your child busy learning to trace numbers, ABC’s, and geometric shapes, reinforcing proper handwriting skills that they’re learning at school! 

No matter what skills your child needs to master this school year, you’ll find an app suited to your child’s individual needs. Let’s kick the school year off to a great start with apps from Kids Academy! 


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