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Learning at Home with Kids Academy: Master Early Math Skills for Pre-K and Grade K

Oct. 11, 2021

Here at Kids Academy, we believe that early math skills predict later academic success. We also believe that children have a natural potential to learn through play, especially when playful experiences are age-appropriate and driven by children’s interests. With this in mind, we have carefully designed entertaining and pedagogically sound math programs for Pre-K and Grade K. You may either use our collections of early math lessons prepared carefully for preschoolers and kindergarteners or enjoy the Talented and Gifted app if you want to use it on your tablet to the full extent!

We work with experienced teachers and educational consultants to ensure that our programs are backed by effective teaching practices and the latest research into math instruction. Our online programs are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and filled with hundreds of delightful activities that enhance important early learning outcomes. 

What Do Our Pre-K and Grade K Math Programs Teach? 

In our early math programs, we help young learners to recognize and apply math in their daily routine. That is why we use everyday objects and contexts that are meaningful to children. Moving along the learning path, children sort leaves, count bugs, build with bricks, pick fruits and engage in other interactive activities. Each lesson targets specific skills, giving learners a lot of opportunities to practice them. Interactive worksheets may be a great help for practising these activities not only offline but online as well!

So, what will your child learn? 

Matching and Sorting

The ability to match and sort objects is an important cognitive skill. It is a fundamental prerequisite for understanding more complex rules of math later at school. In our Pre-K program, your child will practice pairing identical clothes items and grouping toys by color, shape, or size. Our fun activities will enhance your child’s ability to spot similar and different characteristics and identify relationships between objects. 


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As children develop, they learn to classify by more than one characteristic. In our Grade K math program, your child will practice sorting objects into multiple categories. From sorting healthy foods, aquatic animals, and recyclable materials to grouping geometric shapes - we cover a wide range of topics to keep your child fascinated. 


Do you want your child to pass through this activity? You will find it inside the Talented and Gifted app! 

Shapes and Space

Learning shapes helps young children process visual information. Our Pre-K math program will teach your child to name basic geometric shapes and recognize them in the environment. It is fun to notice that the wall clock is similar to a circle and that your favorite cracker looks just like a rectangle. To reinforce your child’s understanding of shapes, we offer adorable shape tracing activities and sorting games. 

Do you want your child to play the Sorting Objects by Shape game? You will find it inside the Talented and Gifted app! 

In our Grade K program, learners play with 2D and 3D shapes. Children have a blast helping fairy-tale characters, such as Cinderella and Peter Pan, to get through geometric mazes. Another fun activity focuses on making shapes, such as putting triangles together to get a square (that’s how two triangular sandwiches fit into a square lunch-box!). To understand the properties of shapes, children practice finding their sides and corners.


You can complete the Worksheet: 3D Shape Maze online!

 To show how shapes take up space, we teach preschoolers to understand spatial vocabulary, or language related to the position of objects. Looking at funny illustrations, your child will learn to tell where the objects are, using words like “over”, “under”, “in front of”, “behind”, and more!

Worksheet: Over or Under? is available here to complete online!

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Provide your little learners with ample opportunities both to play and learn! Study Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and more with fun and clever Eddie the Elephant that will guide your child through the learning process!

Measurement and Data

Our Pre-K students practice to describe the characteristics of objects and apply early concepts of measurement to compare them. For example, learners might label a skyscraper as tall and an elephant as heavy, a glass of milk as full and a feather as light. Children are sure to have fun comparing the lengths of the animals’ tails and the weights of the vehicles. 


You can complete an interactive Big or Small? worksheet on our website. 

 Within the Grade K math program, children develop a stronger grasp of the measuring concepts. They learn that the same objects can be described and measured in different ways. For example, a shopping cart can be full and heavy or empty and light. Children also reinforce their vocabulary of comparison, using such words as “longer, “shorter”, “bigger”, “smaller”, and others. 


Do you want your child to pass through this quiz? You will find it inside the Talented and Gifted app! 

Numbers and Counting 

In our Pre-K program, we teach kids that numbers represent objects, so when we count farm animals or candles on a cake, each object gets its own number and the last number we say also shows the total amount. Through vivid examples, children learn number words and their order, count up to 10 objects in various arrangements, recognize numerals from 0 to 10 and even practice writing them!


Do you want your child to play this funny game? You will find it inside the Talented and Gifted app! 

Counting takes time to master. Our Grade K math program is full of confidence-boosting activities to support learners. Children practice counting and skip counting up to 100, including counting forward from any number. They also learn to compare numbers and write numerals from 0 to 20. The learning happens at their own pace and with our gentle guidance and encouragement.


Watch the Let’s Compare Numbers! video on our Youtube channel! Subscribe in order not to miss amazing updates and educational videos!

 Addition and Subtraction 

Our Pre-K students explore simple arithmetic operations using fingers, objects, and drawings. Your child will apply the ideas of adding and subtracting to small sets of objects (up to 5) in a variety of situations presented by our story problems: on a picnic, on a farm, at a birthday party, in the Arctic, and more!

You can complete the interactive Worksheet: Adding in the Arctic right here!

 In the Grade K program, students become more fluent when adding and subtracting within 5. They also develop confidence in working with larger numbers (up to 10) and get more comfortable with equations. Your child will enjoy the challenges presented by our word problems: at the zoo, in a shop, under the sea, and at a baseball game - context makes adding and subtracting concrete and much easier to understand.


You can complete the interactive Fruits and Veggies Subtraction Worksheet on our website!

Kids Academy’s early math programs introduce and reinforce basic math concepts in a way that is very intuitive and easy to follow. Our original content and lovely characters captivate children’s attention and spark their curiosity, making early encounters with mathematics pleasant and stress-free. We are excited to become your child’s online learning partner that plays, explores, and grows together with your child!

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