Same and Different. Comparison for Preschoolers.

This fun and engaging video explains sorting and matching in a clear and logical way. This video is perfect for parents and teachers of toddlers, preschool children, and kindergarten students because the explanation of the concept is easy to understand and the animation is child-friendly.

The video shows the elephant character blowing up balloons and then comparing the balloons. The elephant first blows up two toy balloons that are yellow. Children learn the balloons are both yellow and the same size and shape. The elephant describes the balloons as the “same”. The elephant then blows up a red balloon. The children now learn that even though all toys are balloons and have the same shape, the red balloon is a different color. The elephant explains that the balloon is “different.” The elephant further explains the topic by blowing up toy balloons shaped like stars and demonstrates using the colors blue and pink. The concept of what is the same and different is demonstrated again.

Children also view balloon ducklings that are the same shape and color but are different sizes. The elephant clearly explains why these toys are different.

Comparison for kids is an important math skill. When children sort and compare they learn that objects are the same and different and can be organized into specific groups. When children begin doing more complex math operations this same concept applies.

If parents and teachers want to extend the learning in the video, then look for things in the child’s home or classroom environment for matching and sorting practice.  Sort students in a classroom by hair or eye color. Sort students by the color or their shirts or shoes. At home match socks by color and size.  Matching and sorting blocks is another great activity.

Enjoy this video and learn about attributes such as size and shape to describe objects that are the same or different.