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Keep on Learning with Interactive Worksheets from Kids Academy

March 11, 2022

Children like playing games and solving puzzles. With this in mind, our goal is to make our product engaging, appealing, and comfortable both for children and their parents. We spend a lot of time and effort developing new features both for our apps (such as the Talented and Gifted app) and the website. In this article, we want to tell you how we bring to life interactive worksheets here on the website. Thanks to this everyone can now complete the worksheets and receive the score immediately without installing the app on their mobile phones or tablets. We think that this is super convenient and allows our young students and their caregivers to practice their skills and dive into the content before making a decision regarding the purchase of the full-scaled app.

What’s the Secret?

All our worksheets no matter whether they are in the mobile app or on the website are checked with the neural network algorithms to verify that a task has been completed correctly. We used machine learning technology to teach a neural network to recognize correct and incorrect answers. We also asked for help from certified teachers who checked and corrected mistakes made by the neural network, therefore, we used so-called Supervised Learning.

This technology utilized in the worksheets allows executing various types of checks necessary to score points: letter or number tracing and object circling. Classic image processing algorithms (Computer Vision) are used to perform the checks of labyrinths and ticks in checkboxes as well as ordinary tracing. Such a range of checks is enough to create a variety of tasks, so the child is not bored when working on the same-topic worksheets. Who chooses the type of check, you may ask. The designers do. They choose the check type for each worksheet based on the task type and the margin of error in answer variations.

check worksheet 2

Where Can I Find Interactive Worksheets?

You can find interactive worksheets both in the Talented and Gifted app as well as on our website. Since you might already have been acquainted with the worksheets in the app, we’d like to enlighten you by telling where you can find the worksheets on our website and how to work with them.


Keep in mind that although we have one of the widest worksheet catalogues, we provide assignments for grades Pre-K–Grade 3.

First, enter kids’ worksheets into the Learning Resources section of our website. Next, choose the worksheet that you require. Click on the "Complete Online" button to get started right from your browser.

We recommend touchscreen devices to use interactive worksheets. Your little learner can use a stylus or finger to complete tasks. This is a great way to practice writing, tracing letters and number recognition. All browsers and devices support our interactive worksheets. We recommend you use an iPad or other tablet-like devices.

Your child can start the worksheet by pressing the Start button. Here you can access the same functions available in the app: 'Pencil,' 'Eraser,' 'Clear all,' sound, voice recording and 'Task Complete'. You can also select the previous or next worksheet.

If you complete the task successfully, the worksheet will be highlighted green and you can move on to the next task. You or your young learner will hear an encouraging phrase and will be offered another chance to complete the task if you don’t pass through the task correctly.

right not right interact w We have made sure that the child will not be depressed if the task they have just completed contains any mistakes. The child receives support and positive evaluation of their efforts by voice-over actor, as they hear the encouraging "Let's Try Once Again", and there is no rejection from a so-called primary caregiver.

Counterpoints of the Worksheets

Here, we will consider the approach to the Kids Academy worksheets. Let’s take reading for example. Most parents and teachers know that practice is essential for developing foundational skills of reading. This is true even at the preschool level. The worksheets are age-appropriate and provide children with easy-to-understand instructions and vibrant illustrations that help them develop critical skills that will allow them to build a foundation for comprehension. A worksheet such as this on make-believe situations helps children to develop the knowledge they need to understand what is being read in books and stories. It appeals to both the learner's age and level by using engaging images that encourage children to think more deeply.

Parents can also access our worksheets in many ways:

You can choose the method that suits you and your child and you will always have access to educational materials of top-notch quality.

Video Lessons, Games, and Practice to Supplement Learning

Besides the worksheets, Kids Academy offers a wide range of learning videos on its website to complement the academic process and help your child learn any subject they like: English Language Arts, Math, Elementary Science, World Around Us, etc. These videos include teacher-led lessons, exciting songs, and nursery rhymes that children will love while practicing their counting.

The videos are motivating and fun, and they also link directly to worksheets on the app and website. This is crucial for the delivery of the concept being learned.

Our website offers interactive games for kids to supplement their learning. Some games are only available through the subscription to the app, but a part of them are available to you right now! You can play them right from your browser. Taking math, these games provide valuable practice for counting and tracing numbers with your child. You can play on-screen with a mouse, touch-screen tablet, or laptop. These games can be used to reinforce early numeracy and counting skills, as well as the worksheets in each lesson.

tracing ten gifAll learning materials are now bundled in a new Lessons tab. This makes it easier to locate the resources your child requires. Navigate to the Lessons tab to view all topics and choose the one your child needs. The lessons may include an educational video or a teacher-led tutorial. There are also worksheets that provide practice for the chosen skill or concept.

You now know how to find the best activities and resources for your pupils. Access our videos, worksheets, and lessons today to help your child get started!

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