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Preschool Reading Comprehension Activities

Sept. 16, 2021

Teaching reading strategies to a preschooler may be quite a difficult task to unexperienced parents. At Kids Academy, we’re always working hard to find new ways to get the highest quality learning resources into the hands of parents! That’s why we’re presenting our preschool reading materials in a variety of ways, to give parents options and flexibility in teaching their little learners to read. Now you can find preschool worksheets and videos on our website, in the app, or from our YouTube Channel, which are all wrapped up into our easy-to-navigate English Language Arts lessons!

 Worksheets Designed with Versatility in Mind

 Most parents and teachers already know that consistent practice is key for learning foundational skills such as reading, even at the tender preschool level. Our age-appropriate worksheets offer the youngest of learners vibrant illustrations and easy-to-understand directions that help them build critical skills that will aid them in forming a solid foundation for reading comprehension. For instance, a worksheet like this one about make-believe scenarios helps kids to build the prior knowledge necessary to make sense of what they read in stories and books to come. Most importantly, it appeals to the age and level of the learner as it uses engaging images that help the child to think more deeply. 

We share examples of reading comprehension worksheets for Pre-K

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What’s more is that there are several ways parents can access our worksheets:

  •  Print them directly from our website for hands-on practice
  • Complete them on-screen for instant feedback in the Talented and Gifted or Interactive Worksheets apps
  • Complete them digitally and interactively via our website using your browser

Simply choose the method that works best for you and your child and be rest assured that you have the highest quality educational materials at your fingertips every day.

Some Added Perks: Learning Videos and Lessons

In addition to worksheets, Kids Academy also offers a comprehensive library of learning videos that complement our reading comprehension worksheets and assist in teaching your child early reading and critical thinking skills. These videos feature storybook readings, fairy tales, teacher-led lessons, and exciting songs about letters and the sounds they make to keep kids entertained and motivated while learning. Our videos relate directly to the worksheets available on our app and the website and are crucial to the delivery of the concept being taught.

 Even if you are a grown-up, you will be definitely merged into picturesque Little Red Riding Hood Bedtime Story told with colorful illustrations and clear pronunciation as well as your little one!

Like our worksheets, the videos can be accessed in a couple of different ways:

  •  View them straight from our website before offering kids practice on worksheets
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to find preschool literacy videos and so much more!

Possibly the best part of our educational worksheets and videos is the fact that we have already done all the hard work for you in figuring out which resources to use and when! In the past, our website was structured so that parents only had the option to sort through worksheets by grade level, subject, and topic. But now we have reorganized content to allow parents multiple ways to access content to ensure that kids get what they need when they need it!

 Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhymes are here to have fun singing songs for children and learning your kid to recognize sounds, words and encourage their speech!


Now all learning material is bundled into a new Lessons tab, which makes it easier for you to find the resources your child needs. Simply navigate to the lessons tab and view the topics to find one that your child needs to study. Then click on it to find a complete lesson that may include an educational video, teacher-led tutorial, and one or more related worksheets to offer practice over the selected concept or skill.

Use these lessons to create an individualized learning plan or curriculum for your child, and to follow a self-selected progression to ensure that your child’s skills are growing. Since the Lessons section offers all our materials packaged together, consider them complete lessons on that topic or skill!

Now that you know everything about how to access the best reading comprehension activities for your preschooler, what are waiting for? Check out our lessons, videos, and worksheets all available through our apps or website at to get your child started today!

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