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5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize Education

Jan. 9, 2017

This past summer, the popular app, Pokémon Go, took the world by storm, resonating with Pokémon fans old and new. As you may already know, the game uses a relatively new technology called Augmented Reality (AR) to give users a more authentic gameplay by cleverly bringing the game to the player’s world. Indeed, there is something quite addictive about “catching them all” when Pokémon could be hiding in your very own back yard! 

What you might not realize is that AR has been a burgeoning technology in the educational arena, about to revolutionize the way your children learn. Even before Pokémon Go made the news last year, learning apps for kids that use AR have been transforming education inside the classroom and out. You may be wondering how AR will impact your child’s education and how you can incorporate this technology into your little learner’s life.

Here are some ways AR can invigorate your child’s imagination and learning, and how they can expect to use it later in their education: 

Homework & mini-lessons

school supplies

Did you know that your child’s tablet can grade your child’s work for you? AR can be an awesome assistive tool in providing engaging feedback to your child. Using an augmented reality app for toddlers, your child can complete a printable worksheet or homework, and have it checked on the spot using a tablet or phone.


This gives your child hassle-free instant feedback. AR apps can also make objects images come to life, bringing 3D images and learning to your child’s fingertips when otherwise not possible.   

Early literacy & math 

child learning math

AR takes flashcards to a whole new level by making images on the cards seemingly pop out of the screen. This makes for more joyful and memorable learning, delighting kids with realistic 3D images.

Different AR apps are available for early math, geometry, phonics, and even ABC’s. AR makes classification games for kids more authentic, allowing kids to learn from more realistic 3D images that they can manipulate with their device. With so many ways to learn through AR, your little one will no doubt master educational basics in no time, using the latest technology. 

Make science come to life

child learns geometry

When you can’t get to the zoo, AR can make for a fantastic zoo experience by allowing your child to learn through amazing 3D images of animals that they can explore. Likewise, AR breathes life into space exploration, teaching your children about the planets without even leaving the living room.

With endless applications, AR can teach your child about the world around them (and the places beyond!) in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Advanced concepts later in life

school science experiment

Chances are, your child’s teachers will use AR throughout their education in innovative ways to teach more advanced concepts as they grow older. AR apps have transformed middle and high school classes in intriguing ways, and your little learners might as well get accustomed to the technology now.

Apps like Aurasma can take videos, charts, diagrams, and ordinary pictures, and make them change right before students’ eyes. Kids can now complete virtual dissections of animals, or learn about molecules, architecture, or principals of physics. There are no limits to the ways teachers can now utilize such an immersive technology such as augmented reality, and is guaranteed to be in your preschooler’s future classrooms. 

Digital storytelling

child with mom

What better way to foster a love for learning, than by giving your child the experience of his or her favorite characters pop right out of the book and into their lap? AR storybook apps enchant your little reader with vivid characters that spark your child’s imagination, engaging them into the world of the story.

Your child will not only love the stories, but they will practice important reading and comprehension skills through the use of the AR. 

Have you seen this? 

Today’s classroom is different than the ones we attended. AR has been an up and coming technology revitalizing lessons and learning for the past few years. There is no doubt that AR will only get better, help your child prepare for his or her future, while augmenting their own learning.

Be sure to look for apps specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers, and start your child’s lifelong love for technology and learning in ways we couldn’t fathom when we were their age! 


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