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Meet us at Future of Education Technology Conference

Jan. 8, 2020

Kids Academy is proud to announce that we’ll be attending the National Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Miami, Florida, from January 14-17th.  Every year, the FETC hosts the biggest names in the educational technology and invites professionals from around the globe to explore innovative new programs and technologies to use in the classroom. This year, we’ll be there to discuss how our apps can make a positive difference in student learning.  

Here you’ll learn more about our new and improved design of the Talented and Gifted app. This includes the scoop on our new quiz activities within the app, which allows parents and teachers to check progress and skill mastery, while offering instant, meaningful feedback to students. Additionally, go behind the scenes and learn more about our strict safety protocols, as our app is 100% ad-free, offers parental controls, and is both COPPA and FERPA compliant. 

Whatever questions you have, we have the answers! Book a meeting with us to discuss how Kids Academy products can be utilized in your school or district to complement the learning process and support content mastery! 


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