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Introducing Kids Academy Summer Camp for Pre-K

June 19, 2020

As schools debate reopening for the fall, Kids Academy remains committed to offering you the very best program to stem off learning gaps and slides resulting from the summer and the pandemic, or both! Our summer camp course serves as a unique educational experience that students in grades Pre-K through 3rd Grade 3 can’t find anywhere else.

For preschoolers, chances are that school closures have cut out critical curriculum. Traditional summer camp programs have likewise been cut or cancelled this year, and parents are left to pick up the pieces. That’s where we come in! Kids Academy has prepared a comprehensive summer program tailor-made to meet the academic needs of your preschooler.

What’s Included?

Young learners must develop early foundational skills that are crucial for learning how to read, complete math, or understand science and social studies. With this in mind, the summer camp was created with the following subjects and skills in mind:

  • English language arts, including the alphabet, letter sounds, vocabulary, and story structure
  • Early logic, problem-solving, and math skills that focus on counting, numeracy, matching, sorting, and comparing numbers and shapes
  • Integrated social studies and science topics that help kids take a closer look at the world around them, such as through weather, the seasons, animals, and the community.

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Activities Designed for Preschoolers

Preschoolers need activities that they can understand and complete with minimal adult participation. With this in mind, Kids Academy works closely with experts in early education to craft a program that offers kids:

  • Child-friendly games that include professionally voiced directions and feedback
  • Innovative assessments that remediate for missed questions
  • Interactive worksheets and coloring pages that keep content interesting and motivating
  • Cheerful animated videos, storybooks, and songs that kids love
  • Teacher-led tutorials to provide direct instruction over targeted topics

Why Start Now?

Who knows what school will look like just a few months from now? With such uncertainty, don’t wait until the fall to continue your child’s learning! Summer camp can help your child review critical skills and tackle new content now to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Don’t miss out on the hottest class this summer. Enroll in summer camp today!

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