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Be Ready for the Cyber Week!

Nov. 18, 2021

Hello, everyone! Have you missed hearing from Kids Academy? We are back to notify you about the amazing events we have arranged for the nearest future! Kids Academy is happy to provide you with the freshest updates and impressive discounts to make the learning process fun both for young students and their parents!

 The Cyber Week is coming soon, so be ready to get surprised by the gifts we have prepared for you on this occasion! Here on this page, we will host our most attractive offers that will change weekly! Keep an eye on our newsletters. Don't miss your chance to get the Talented and Gifted subscription on alluring terms!


This Day Best Offer:

Provide your little learner with ample opportunities both to play and learn! Study math, English Language Arts, science, social studies and more with the smart and fun Eddie the Elephant that will guide your child through the learning process!

 Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted is a comprehensive learning app for kids from 2 to 10 years old. It offers several modes of learning — through collections of activities in the Adventure Land or through the structured curricula specific to each subject and grade level. In a playful manner kids can perfect their knowledge of math, English, science, and social studies, as well as practice chess and explore their creativity with the arts and crafts course.

 With the wise assistance from Talented & Gifted, parents no longer need to scratch their heads over meaningful ways to organize their little's ones screen time. Just choose the correct grade level and watch your kid engage in learning and improve academically, which is easy to do with the weekly progress reports.

 The app can also be downloaded and used in an offline mode.

Hurry up, don't miss your chance to get the Talented and Gifted app at an adorable price!

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