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Free Gift from Kid's Academy

March 15, 2015

If you are subscribed to Kid’s Academy newsletters, you might have already received one last week about our first Advent Calendar. 

This year the Advent Calendar is “piggy-themed” and features the three little pigs from our story book app. We thought kids would love to see them again, this time on paper. The calendar can be printed out to either A4 or A3 paper size, but we would highly recommend a bigger paper size for a greater visual impact. 

The 2-page Advent Calendar is done in such a way that each day, starting from December 1st, kids cut out a small item in order to reveal another item hidden behind the first page. Does it sound like fun? It does!

However, we wouldn’t have been the publisher of educational apps if we hadn’t thought about the learning aspect of the activity. The process of cutting small things out of the calendar hones kids’ fine motor skills. These are exactly the skills they need in order to avoid problems with writing in the long run.

For your convenience we’ve included instructions for parents on how exactly to use the Advent Calendar.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. Please send us your feedback to info@kidsacademy.mobi

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